Most sought-after used cars in 2020

Essential for getting us to work, to school and visiting family and friends, for many, cars are an essential purchase. Even lockdown, local restrictions and social distancing couldn’t put car buyers off searching for their next car in 2020. In fact, during the third quarter of 2020 it is reported that used car sales in the UK were up 4.4% compared to the previous year, with Ford Fiesta taking the top spot in the Top 10 used car models sold within that quarter.


So how does this compare with the top car makes at Exchange and Mart and s1cars?

Ford Fiesta

Unsurprisingly, and matching the results seen throughout the UK used car market in 2020, this popular small car takes top spot. In fact, so popular that it has been consistently top of the list of most popular used cars in the UK for years. So, what do we love so much about the Fiesta?

Currently in its seventh-generation form, the Fiesta has always been known for its reliability, safety and affordability. Classed as a supermini, it looks small and compact but has plenty of room inside especially in the 5-door version. It has had many facelifts over the years with its most current design much more sleek, modern with clean lines which appeal to most drivers. It also comes in various fuel types including Hybrid, plus it also ranges in spec detail up to ST models and Ford’s luxury Vignale range.

New car prices range from £16,000 to £26,500 but a used Fiesta, depending on the model year, could range from £5,000 to £10,000. Although for a model pre-2010 you could be looking at less than £2,000.

Ford Focus

Another spot secured by Ford, this time for the Focus. It has certainly come a long way in the looks department from when it was first released to Europe back in 1998, followed by a high-performance version, the Focus RS, in 2002. Not just popular in the used car market, the Focus appears often in rallying and touring car competitions.

Available as a hatchback, saloon and estate body styles, its buyers are often looking for a safe but stylish family car. Possibly for those who love the Fiesta but looking to upgrade to a bigger model. It’s also known for its sharp driving experience. As with the Fiesta, it is available in various fuel types and its high-performance ST versions.

For a new model prices range from £20,690 – £30,385, but if you’re looking to spend around £10,000 you could drive away with a 2017 plate.

Vauxhall Corsa

A big competitor for the Ford Fiesta and the supermini ranges altogether, the Corsa has graced the British roads for two decades. First appearing back in 1993, it took the place of the Vauxhall Nova. Currently in its fifth generation, it was revamped in 2006, 13 years after its initial launch, that became the most successful model than ever before. Nowadays, the Corsa has entered into much more modern times with a fully electric model, the Corsa-e, launched in 2020. Its design has a nice balance between sportiness and comfort, with the latest generation slightly bigger than the previous model. Vauxhall are particularly proud that it is the first car in its class to feature adaptive glare-free full-LED headlights, a feature normally seen in much larger cars.

A brand new Corsa starts at £16,440, whilst a used model around the 2017 year would be between £6,000 – £8,000.

Vauxhall Astra

A rival to the Ford Focus in the hatchback category, the Astra is another extremely popular car and often seen on the UK roads. A great family car, offering plenty of space, whilst being reliable and safe. It is also known for its stylish looks and sporty feel. Also popular with Brits due to being homegrown, produced at the Ellesmere Port factory in Cheshire.

Sold since 1979, it is now on its seventh generation. In past lives, it was available as a convertible and 3-door hatch, but these days the range has been refined to just a 5-door and sports tourer options. Of course, the spec ranges from the base model up to premium that comes with Sat Nav as standard.

For a new model prices range from £15,445 – £25,285, but you can find a 2017 plate model between £8,000 – £9,000.


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