A fuel-proof way of finding your perfect car

A new year is a welcome change for many people. It brings a clean slate and allows us to have a firm focus on our future and what that means for our day-to-day life. That can mean a new career, moving home, or a new set of wheels.


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The used car market in 2021 had a rollercoaster of a year, from the best ever Q2 in records with a surge in demand from lockdown restrictions lifting and 108% year on year increase, soon followed by a 6% decrease in a typically quieter Q3.

The huge demand for used cars last year wasn’t only caused by lockdown lifting and dealerships returning to, almost, full capacity, but also by the difficulties in new car supplies. Global chip shortages affecting production brought on by the pandemic has had a huge impact on the new car market with supply for new models seeing long delays lasting months and, in some cases, years. For those keen to get behind the wheel of a newer car, they turned to used and delivery mileage vehicles ready and waiting in forecourts around the UK.

Despite some dealers experiencing problems fulfilling this demand and reporting some stock shortages, there is a plethora of used car stock throughout the UK ready for those looking for a fresh new set of wheels for their fresh 2022 start. At Exchange and Mart and s1cars, we have over 200,000 used cars from trusted dealers throughout the UK, from some of the biggest names. And finding the right car that suits you and your needs is just as easy.

With hundreds of expert new car reviews and used car guides, you can find out all you need to know about a car at a glance with our handy 10-point rating system. There are video reviews too so you can see the car in action.  Plus, many of our dealers offer video run-throughs of their vehicles which gives you a feel for the car in real life before visiting the branch.

Use our handy search filter to narrow your choices by budget, either by monthly payment or cash price, by fuel type, by location, and even by colour. Our shortlist feature allows you to add deals as you see them and compare them later. Whilst you’re searching, sign up to receive our car alerts straight to your inbox, meaning you’re first to get notified of the newest deals matching your search criteria.

Deciding on whether to join the thousands of UK drivers making the switch to an electrified car? Whilst used car sales in 2021 had ups and downs, demand for battery electric and plug-in hybrid cars constantly grew each quarter, with sales for battery-electric vehicles growing 56% in Q3 – the highest recorded in any quarter. Luckily, we have all the information you need to make that decision easier with our fully comprehensive Electric cars section of our site. From reviews, blog articles, and our full electric car guide, plus all the latest used car deals. It’s just a click away at s1cars.com/electric-cars

Think you’ve found the one? Simply contact the dealer and request more details, such as more images or even a video run-through of the car. At this point, you can even start negotiating your deal and sending information on your existing car if you’re looking for a trade-in deal. Discussing your deal can happen at a time that suits you. You can decide whether to give them a call, email them or even chat with them live using our chat feature.

Up until now you haven’t needed to leave the house but unfortunately, until they invent virtual test drives, you’ll need to leave the house for this part. If all goes well on the test drive, you can sign on the dotted line knowing you’ve done the research and made the right choice for you.

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