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Used Vans, Trucks and Commercial Vehicles For Sale

Buying a used van from Exchange and Mart

When buying a used van, knowing your new wheels have lived an exciting life can be favourable over a costly, brand-new vehicle.

Whether you're on the hunt for a reliable mode of transport that accommodates all your business needs or an affordable vehicle for weekend adventures, buying a used van is a great option. But with an overwhelming selection of second-hand vans on the market, choosing the right one for you can come with a set of challenges.

Your first choice for new and used vehicles

Finding a reliable used van that's in good condition and for a great price can be like finding a needle in a haystack. At Exchange and Mart, we've made this process far simpler. With years of expertise and experience, we are proud to bring you a wide range of popular models at competitive prices, from some of the industry's leading manufacturers. To find your dream van, enter your requirements and explore a selection of quality vehicles that tick all your boxes. If you have a make or model in mind, you can use our filter options to look for further specifications, such as age or mileage.

Reviews you can trust

We know that purchasing a van is no small investment and not a decision to be taken lightly. To get you started and give you that extra boost of confidence, our dedicated team have put together an extensive range of car reviews and model guides from like-minded buyers. Each model has the Exchange and Mart 10-point rating to help you make a quick and informed decision.

Advice from the experts

When buying a used van, be prepared and come armed with information.From finding the best dealer to those all-important history checks, visit our buying advice hub for everything you need to know about vans and commercial vehicles.

Hassle-free motoring services

At Exchange and Mart, we offer a huge range of motoring services. Whether you need help with insurance or want to give your van a special touch with a personalised number plate, think of us as the one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs.

Which van should I buy?

Although the term 'van' tends to conjure the image of a white transit, potentially with a trading name or logo stuck onto the sliding door, there are hundreds of options out there.

Vans are designed and bought for a variety of reasons.

One may have started its life carrying cakes and pastries for a bakery business but later found itself on a family camping trip. For a different owner, the same van could be transporting band equipment for gigs up and down the country.

How you plan to use your van will ultimately determine the size and shape you need. Don't forget about parking! If you have limited space to work with, then body length is another key factor to consider.

Will you be requiring security? If so, factor an advanced locking system and a good alarm into your budget. Although it's common for second-hand vans to come with DIY modifications, some can be poorly fitted and cause long-term headaches. Any professional fittings will be supported by documentation and receipts.

Do your research. Are you after practicality and ability or maximum comfort for a smooth ride?

If you're looking to kickstart a business, then a sturdy panel design may be the option for you. Alternatively, the spacious combi van is perfect if you need a little extra legroom. With the electric vehicle switchover on the horizon, opting for an energy-efficient model could be worth the investment.

Where to buy a used van

Nowadays, who wants to spend hours looking for their nearest dealership? Connecting buyers and sellers since 1868, we offer the online equivalent of your local vehicle showroom, saving you time and effort.

With thousands of van dealers across the UK, you're sure to find the perfect match with Exchange and Mart. Simply enter your postcode, preferred distance and vehicle specifications.

Ready to take the leap? Search for used vans for sale in your area today.

Essentials for buying a used van

So, you've searched through our selection of quality vehicles and found the second-hand van of your dreams. While looks can go a long way in determining which make or model to bring home, your key concerns should be your practical needs. It's more important to ensure your van is reliable and good value for money.

What is the most reliable used van?

Regardless of your van's intended purpose, reliability is essential for any commercial vehicle. As leading industry experts, we offer some of the most reliable makes currently available in the UK - from the iconic Ford Transit to Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.

Yes, paperwork can be tedious. However, before you've even booked your test drive, you'll want to do a thorough background check to make sure your pre-loved van is roadworthy and a good investment. The V5C - also known as the registration document or logbook - MOT certificates, and the van's history all provide a 360 view of its state of health.

  • How has the van been used previously?
  • How old is it?
  • Are there any obvious faults or damages?
  • Has it been regularly serviced and well maintained?

Don't forget to head to our Reviews page to give your dream make or model a quick reliability check.

What is considered high mileage for a used van?

When considering your potential van's long-term reliability and value for money, it's always good to check the mileage.

As a rough guide, the average mileage for a van is between 12,000 and 13,000 miles a year. One way to determine the value of your used van is to multiply this average by the vehicle's age, giving you a rough indication of the amount of wear and tear it has sustained over time.

Although a useful indication, mileage shouldn't be looked at in isolation and a low number on the odometer isn't necessarily a clear win. For example, if a van has remained stationary for a lot of its previous life or been heavily loaded, its condition and longevity will be impacted. While low mileage is a shiny tag used to attract potential buyers, it doesn’t always equal greater value. Take into account other factors, such as its age and condition, for a more accurate view.

Is it easy to get van financing?

If you’re not in a position to buy your used van outright, there are numerous methods of payment available to you.

In partnership with CarMoney, our flexible range of finance options makes purchasing a second-hand vehicle even more accessible. Depending on your situation, we offer both Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance agreements. You can even part-exchange your current vehicle as a deposit and have the agreed amount in your account on the same day.

Ready to begin your used van journey with Exchange and Mart? Get exploring today.

A handy guide to different types of used vans

With plenty of makes and models available on the market, finding the perfect used van to suit you and your needs can be a daunting task. But don't worry, we've compiled a list to give you an idea of the different types of vans out there:

Panel van - The tradesman's trusty companion

Suited to a variety of businesses and one of the most popular commercial vehicles on the road today, the panel van has rightfully earned its reputation as a highly versatile and reliable mode of transport.

Popular among traders and delivery firms alike, this lightweight vehicle strikes the perfect balance between load-carrying ability and ease of driving. It offers a range of sizes and body styles, with a spacious interior that allows for convenient storage organisation, such as the installation of racking.

Seamless deliveries, flexibility with modifications and a comfortable drive await when you opt for the panel van.

Combi and crew vans - Perfect for passengers and cargo

If you're looking for a spacious used van to accommodate passengers and/or cargo, then a combi or crew van is the vehicle for you.

Based on medium-size models, these van types combine the flexibility and convenience of the panel van with the capacity of the mighty minibus. They are equipped with stowable seats for extra space and offer the same conveniences as most cars for a comfortable journey. Their design also allows for fuss-free parking, allowing you to store your used van at home or access a height-restricted site.

The Ford Transit Custom and Vauxhall Vivaro are among the most popular models, offering additional seating and great load capacity.

4X4 vans - Business by day, family adventures at weekends

Providing practicality for commercial activities and off-road ability for the adventurers among you, the 4X4 van certainly packs a punch.

With this vehicle, utility meets economical everyday use. Offering extra space and capacity, as well as towing power, they are perfect for hauling heavy loads. When you opt for a 4X4, you can easily tackle tough conditions with great traction and all-terrain flexibility.

Minibus and MPV - Room for one more?

With capacity for up to 7 passengers, it's no wonder the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) is often referred to as a people carrier. Offering comfort and spaciousness, with the ability to fold two of the seats flat, these vans are best suited to large families.

Minibuses are larger than MPVs and can fit between 8 to 16 passenger seats. From servicing the community to transporting wedding guests and touring bands, there are endless uses for a second-hand minibus.

To drive a minibus, you have to meet certain conditions. You must be 21 or over, have had a driving licence for at least 2 years, and be driving on a voluntary basis for social purposes.

What about a used camper conversion van?

With endless images of carefree adventures on the road being shared on social media, camper conversion vans are rapidly increasing in popularity. Charming personal touches, clever storage hacks, and serene backdrops… what's not to like?

Purchasing a brand-new campervan can be a huge investment, which is why many lean towards used vans for a cheaper - yet as reliable - alternative when you run the right checks. Plus, when you buy a used van, you have the added bonus of tailoring your home away from home to your individual style and needs.

With a large enough model and the right conversion, most vans can be transformed into campers. Some of the best options include the Vauxhall Vivaro, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ford Transit Custom.