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Retail price £16,495
Honda CRV 1.6 i-DTEC SR +29

Year 2016

Transmission Manual

Mileage 21,083

Fuel type Diesel

Engine size 1597

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Exchange and Mart is the home of used cars and with us, you can find and buy the perfect model to suit your lifestyle. Looking for something that’s fuel efficient, practical and has great looks to boot? Then start your search with Exchange and Mart, picking your specs on the left-hand-side.

The SUV crossover market is particularly competitive. However, one model that stands out from the crowd is the Honda CR-V. This impressive, comfortable motor is a real winner with motorists, thanks to plenty of great kit included as standard. The first CR-V was released way back in 1995, with Honda upgrading the model several times over the years. As such, at Exchange and Mart you’ll be able to find all versions of the Honda CR-V.

We want to help you choose a used Honda CR-V that’s within budget and meets all the expectations you’d have. Shopping for a new car should be easy and hassle-free –exactly why Exchange and Mart should be your first choice.

Type in your postcode and how far you’re willing to travel for a viewing, before picking extra specs such as the mileage and age. You’ll then have a list of matching used Honda CR-V listings. Click each to read more information on that model.

If everything adds up and the Honda is what you’d want from your next car, start your journey with Exchange and Mart today. In no time at all you could be behind the wheel of a terrific CR-V, so shop online now.

Why buy a used Honda CR-V with Exchange and Mart?

In 2015, Honda's fourth generation CR-V evolved into something cleverer, classier and much more efficient. Targeting family Crossover models as well as small lifestyle-orientated SUVs, it's a strong package if you're looking at petrol power or an entry-level 2WD diesel. What changed with the post-2015-era facelift though was that buyers got the option of hi-tech automatic transmission and the more sophisticated pairing of high performance diesel power and 4WD. In other words, in this guise, the CR-V sharpened-up its act. As a result, it's a hard car not to like as a used buy.

About the Honda CR-V

It's easy to imagine yourself as target market for a car like this CR-V. You've a couple of kids, an active lifestyle, a need to haul things around and an aversion to rather dull large estate cars. The thing is though, you've also an aversion to the kind of RAV4-style mid-sized SUV soft roaders that such a mind set would normally direct you towards. Understandably perhaps, you think they're all rather pretentious and silly. But this car isn't, an SUV for.. people who really don't like SUVs. A car for people who look at what a vehicle can do for them rather than what it says about them. End use you see, has been the over-riding design parameter here, not cutting edge styling, clever gadgetry, irrelevant pin-sharp handling or pointlessly powerful engines. As a result, it's an extremely easy thing to live with, the kind of car you'll own, then wonder how you managed without. That may not be a recipe for media headlines but it's an approach that other brands could certainly learn from, explaining why so many CR-Vs are bought by folk who previously owned one.These are people who'll heartily approve of the changes that Honda made to this improved fourth generation version - the smarter looks, extra connectivity, classier feel and, most importantly, the much more efficient way it lets you enjoy diesel power with 4WD. All of these allowed this CR-V to reach out beyond its traditional customer base - and make it a good used buy today. In summary, what we have here is a car that can't quite pigeonhole itself in any of the market categories you might search in to find potential rivals - Qashqai-like Crossovers, RAV4-style practical mid-sized SUVs and BMW X3 and Audi Q5-like premium mid-sized SUVs. Yes, there are elements of all these kinds of cars in this Honda's make-up but ultimately, it remains distinctively different, distinctively. CR-V. Which ultimately, might very well be all you need.

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