Why the future is bright for car dealers

It’s hard to ignore that we are living in uncertain times, especially for car dealers. It is often during these difficult times that the public are hesitant to make big life choices when it comes to long term spending, such as house moves and car purchases.


So why do Exchange and Mart and s1cars continue to see a bright future for car dealers?

It’s only natural as shoppers’ habits change that the industry changes with it. Long gone are the days of car buyers taking the weekend to visit all the car dealers in their area and talking to different salespeople. The savvy car buyers these days arm themselves with research before visiting any dealership, meaning that when they do take that trip, they already know what they’re looking to buy. Their decision has been made before they step into that showroom. It may be that physical showrooms become a thing of the past, which is why Exchange and Mart and s1cars are continuing to encourage dealers to enhance their digital forecourt.

In addition to making your presence known when someone is actively looking for a new car, the dealer needs to be visible long before that stage. By ensuring they have great brand awareness, not just in their local area (people will travel for the right deal!) they can disrupt potential customers’ digital journey, when they aren’t even thinking about a car. Maybe it’s with tips for saving to buy, safety tips for driving in the winter, great deals on car repairs or even some non-biased options on electric vehicles?

We know the importance of adapting a business model to change with customer buying and searching habits, which is why in 2009 we decided to cease printing our popular magazine and concentrate solely on our website. We’re not only giving advice to our dealers; we’re taking that advice ourselves. Consumers are used to accessing information at a tap of their smartphone, from model reviews to finance options, so that’s what we have on our site. It’s not just about the best deals in the UK, it’s advice on how to save for your first car, driver safety tips, the newest trends and new car reviews.

With younger or more tech savvy car buyers, and with social and technological advances happening nearly every day, it’s important for car dealers to keep up. But we also believe in the car buyer that still appreciates visiting a showroom, enjoying that experience, talking the car for a test drive and talking to someone face to face. Which is why we want the car dealers’ personalities to come through with our bespoke content writing service, creating unique, personal articles allowing the car buyer to feel comfortable when they do visit.

Exchange and Mart and s1cars can help protect car dealers’ future with:

  • Access to over 200 news titles throughout the UK through the Newsquest network

  • 23 million digital users across the Newsquest network

  • Over 600,000 monthly active car buyers visiting Exchange and Mart and s1cars combined

  • Car alert tool sending deals directly to customers’ smartphones

Plus, expertly designed digital marketing packages which include:

  • Facebook targeted campaigns – both local and national

  • Digital display ads across the Newsquest network and Exchange and Mart

  • Press ads within local Newsquest titles

  • Bespoke content articles written by car industry experts

  • Boosted stock across our partner sites

  • SEO enhancements

  • Digital health checks

And much, much more.

We’ve been around for over 150 years, so we know what it takes to last within the car industry and are no strangers to taking risks and adapting our business to suit buyers’ needs. So, if you’re looking to sell cars, now and in the future, contact Exchange and Mart/s1cars today.

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