Why choose an SUV for your next vehicle?

It was the Renault Espace that started it all – the SUV revolution. Although a 4x4, Sports Utility Vehicle seems to suggest some sort of rugged, all-terrain, get-out-of-my-way vehicle. In fact, the modern SUV is a highly sophisticated, beautifully engineered and well-equipped car.


SUVs are the vehicle that many people are choosing, and not just because they want to be off-roading somewhere in the wild, it’s often the car of choice for even sophisticated city dwellers. But why should you be choosing an SUV?

It’s All About the Space

As Renault cleverly realised with the naming of its first SUV, it’s all about the space. The SUV handles like a conventional saloon but gives you greater options. So, whether it’s taking the kids to school, going on a fun weekend away or picking nan and gramps up from the airport, you have that flexibility.

There are some clever design features with SUVs that give you storage cubbyholes and moveable parts to cope with a wide range of loading and transporting options too. No need to hire a van when you’ve got an SUV.

The basic design of an SUV gives you a more comfortable travel experience, with the high ceiling and low floor ensuring that the room is more than comfortable, especially in the back. And it gives fantastic legroom too.

They are often much easier to get in and out of – great for getting baby seats in and out of the car or for nan and gramps after that long flight.

When it comes to the driving position, depending on your exact choice of SUV, you can have a good, upright seat with an excellent view of the road. And there’s no need to worry about a lack of the modern systems that all cars have, with an SUV, you’ll find them all there.

There are still some question marks when it comes to fuel economy – SUVs are bigger after all, but even this is not quite the issue it once was. The Qashqai 1.5-litre diesel engine model for example, will give you 74.3mpg and emissions of just 100g/km on 16 or 17-inch wheels.

Plenty to Choose From

The sheer number of SUVs that are in the marketplace now gives you not only a good choice, from mini SUVs like the Mazda CX-3 to a larger SUV like the SKODA Kodiaq, but also the opportunity for some great deals. Manufacturers are working hard to entice you to be driving their SUV and are creating some very attractive cost savings.

So, why choose an SUV? These flexible vehicles give the modern family all that they need to deal with everyday life. They are practical, safe, well-priced and well-finished.

When it comes to engineering, exterior styling and interior design, they are just as smart and sophisticated as any saloon and they have the required range of safety systems and infotainment options. They look good, have all your creature comforts and drive well. Oh, and did we mention the space?

So if you’re looking for the best deal on a used SUV, then start your search today.

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