Why Buy New?

Buying a brand new car is an option that has become more affordable in recent years. There are many good reasons to think about buying that great new model from a dealership.


It’s always good to do some research beforehand. This would include not only considering the type of car you want – hatchback, saloon, SUV, but also specific manufacturers. There’s also the dealership that you’re considering visiting. These days with online reviews and videos this is a very straightforward job.

Take the time to visit more than one dealership and test drive more than one car. Good sales staff will want to talk to you about what you want in a car, so they can exactly match your needs. And, they’ll appreciate that you might want to try elsewhere first.

How to Choose Wisely

Firstly, with a new car it is exactly that – new. You’re not driving an older, second hand vehicle that has been driven by someone else. Everything is new, smelling fresh and ready to go. You don’t have to worry about a service history and other negatives such as knocks and damage. It’s all gift-wrapped, just for you.

With a new car, you get to decide the exact specification. This could include engine capacity, infotainment features, body design extras and paint colour. This gives you the option to have the car that you want, quickly and conveniently on order. It beats having to search high and low online or travel many miles to find the used car you like.

In theory, a brand new car should be perfect, but unfortunately that occasionally doesn’t apply. However, because the car is new, it will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The standard is three years, but there are manufacturers that now offer five and seven year warranties. Truly worry free motoring.

Often included in a new car package is free servicing, or a low cost servicing option. Regular servicing is important for your car and it helps keep its resale value high. Add in that for the first three years of ownership there are no MOT worries, it makes a new car a good option. You’ll not get that with the typical used car.

As we know, technological development moves ever forward, ever faster. So with a new car, you’ll be able to enjoy all the latest when it comes to tech. That will include all the driver aids – navigation, connectivity and infotainment choices. It will also include all the latest in safety. It is basically true to say that the newer the car, the safer the car.

Choose the Right One

A good dealership will be interested in building a long-term relationship with you rather than just selling you a car today. So, take your time in choosing which dealer to commit to. If you’re willing to be flexible, they may be an excellent deal on offer. But also consider what sort of aftersales service you can expect. Don’t be pressurised into buying. If for whatever reason you just don’t feel right about things, listen to those feelings. Don’t commit yourself to something that you’re not happy with.

There’s nothing like the feeling of pulling out onto the road in your brand new car. Take your time in choosing the right one for you and that feeling can go on for years.

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