Why Buy Nearly New?

For many, a new car is beyond their reach financially. For others, they would rather spend their money on other things. Fortunately, if you’re after a new car to you, there is a thriving second hand car market that will do the job.


It’s good to do some homework first, checking price guides and searching online for video reviews and information on common problems or buying tips. But, once prepared, you can go out and buy that car of your dreams with confidence.

How to Go About It

Firstly, there is the opportunity to buy a nearly new car with all the preparations and protections of buying new. That’s through the ‘Approved Used’ route. Most manufacturers now offer this, perhaps the most famous being Vauxhall’s Network Q. Thoroughly prepared cars, just a few months old, with warranties and servicing options attached are an excellent alternative to a brand-new car. All the support of a main dealer at a lower cost, to many that sounds like a great idea.

One thing that comes with buying a brand-new car is depreciation. Most new cars will lose around 15-20% of their value immediately they are driven away from the dealer. And another 8-10% can be lost in the first year of ownership. Buying nearly new means you avoid these loses.

Buying a nearly new car isn’t the risk that it once was, as cars are built to last much longer now. No more rust buckets and engine big ends failing like they used to. It means that even a car with a mileage number that reaches more than five zeros needn’t be ignored. And one substantially less is an attractive choice.

It may be true that getting the brand new, high spec vehicle that you want is beyond your budget. But, a nearly new version, especially if it was the previous model, could well fit with your bank balance. It means that you can be enjoying all the luxury that you want, but at a significantly lower cost. A good reason to be looking at a nearly new version.

Lower insurance costs can be added as another reason to go nearly new. Because a nearly new or used car has less value than those just released to the dealers, the cost of insurance should be less. It’s a good idea to check out insurance costs before you buy.

For many, long-term, transferrable warranties are the thing that gives the greatest reassurance for buying a nearly new car. This is a car that would have been regularly checked and serviced, would have had any issues dealt with and be mechanically robust. And the warranty will continue when you become the owner. It’s minimal risk and real peace of mind.

Lower Prices

Overall, buying nearly new is good news for today’s car buyer. There has never been as much competition from manufacturers in the automotive industry to get buyers to spend with them. This leads to lower prices. This applies as much to the nearly new and used car market.

With added value such as approved used and extended warranties, why not consider buying a nearly new car? It gives you all the certainty of a new car experience, but at a more affordable cost.

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