Motability – getting started

Find out how to qualify for the Motability scheme and how to get started.


If you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement, the scheme allows you to simply turn part or all of your allowance into the car of your choice. There are no waiting lists or credit checks to contend with and no assessments are required. There are two ways to obtain a car either through Contract Hire or Hire Purchase.

The most popular option is Contract Hire where you’ll gain a new car of your choice every three years, insurance and personal accident cover for named drivers and passengers, servicing and maintenance by your Motability dealer and full breakdown assistance from the RAC. And, that’s not all because you will also receive an annual tax disc sent directly to your home (except in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man), 60,000 miles mileage allowance over three years, free replacement tyres, window or windscreen replacement at no extra cost, one-stop customer helpline and help with transport (where possible) when your car is being serviced or repaired.

Motability’s worry-free policy continues right to the end of your three-year contract with a seamless transfer to your new car. You can choose from over 3,000 cars from your local dealer – no wonder 97% of customers would be happy to recommend the Motability scheme. The vast majority of manufacturers offer cars under the scheme so to find out more about Motability, its various schemes and the many current deals offered, visit your local Motability dealer.

There are about 4,000 Motability dealers in the UK and each has at least one Motability Specialist who will assist you and provide advice on which of their cars best suits your needs. To find your nearest Motability dealer by simply going to the Motability website and entering your post code. This will give you a list of all the Motability dealers in your area.

You should visit at least two Motability dealers when choosing your car. Use their expertise, and do not feel under any pressure to choose a car you are not sure about.

Each dealership has at least one fully-trained Motability Specialist available to guide you in your choice. The Specialist would have received training from the Motability organisation in understanding the needs of disabled customers, as well as full details of how the Scheme works, including how to order and collect your chosen car. It is well worth making an appointment to visit the Motability Specialist at a time that suits you. Some dealers also offer home visits or free transport to the showroom.

When you get an offer from Motability their price is guaranteed and this ensures the price you agree with the dealer when your application is accepted, is the price you pay when you collect your car. This guarantee stands for however long it takes for your new car to be delivered. The only case where the price may alter is if the car description is changed subsequent to the original application.

All dealers have access to the Motability Vehicle Suitability Questionnaire, which helps to review your needs and identify suitable cars. Your Motability Specialist should complete one with you. If you use a wheelchair, or any other mobility aid, take it with you when you visit the dealership so you can try the car out for size. Don’t be afraid to ask the Motability Specialist any questions you may have. Remember they are their specifically to help you. And finally, make sure you test drive every car you are considering and don’t rush the exercise. Make sure the car you choose best suits your needs.

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