Finding the time for car buying

Everyone is so busy these days, whether it’s working late at the office, chauffeuring the kids to after school clubs or just trying to keep up with your own social life. So, when it comes to searching for your next car, finding the time can be difficult.


Long gone are the days when you had to circle the best deals in your local newspaper and spend your weekends visiting showrooms, nowadays most of your searching can be done online.

But your time is precious, so here are some handy tips to making the most of your day and finding your perfect car in no time.

Make the most of your commute

Does your journey to work involve a long commute on the train or bus? Even if it’s just a short journey, make the most of this down time by reading car reviews and watching test drive videos. Bookmark any interesting finds to look at when you have more time or even fire off a few emails to dealers ready for them when they start their day. Use our handy shortlist function to save and compare the best deals. If you’re looking for a car with your partner, why not share a login and you can both add new deals to the shortlist, ready to chat over later that evening?

Get new deals sent straight to your inbox

Let us do some of the work for you. It’s easy to set up handy car alerts based on your latest searches which mean any new deals added to the site which match your criteria will be emailed to you straight away. This means you’ll be one of the first people to see these deals and can act quickly. With thousands of used cars from the best dealers in the UK, all the deals you need are under one roof at Exchange and Mart and s1cars.

Working lunch?

Having a break at lunch is always important, especially if you work at a computer all day. So, make sure you get away even for a short walk around the block or to the shop for a quick snack. But even when you’re out and about, this can still be a key time to continue with your car search. Exchange and Marty and s1cars is designed to be mobile friendly and makes searching for a car easy when you’re on the go. You can also use this time to follow up with any enquiries you sent to car dealers or even arrange some test drives for that evening.

Request a video or more images

If you think you’ve found the right car but need some more information or a closer look, ask the dealer if they can send you a quick video tour of the car. A lot of car dealers are using video walk rounds as ways of enticing customers to come and view the car in real life. It gives you a chance to get a feel for the car and get a bit more information before you invest time in visiting the branch itself.  Most videos can be emailed over and viewed on your mobile device – one for the train ride home?

After dinner

You’re home after a long day at work, dinner has been made and devoured and now it’s time to chill on the sofa to continue bingeing your favourite show. But don’t worry, your car search doesn’t have to interfere with your chill time. Remember those deals you added to your shortlist this morning? During the ad breaks is the perfect time to go through them. Fancy more information but the branch is closed? Just send over a quick email for them to pick up in the morning.

It’s the weekend!

All that prep you did during the week has paid off. You’ve narrowed down your choices, spoken to the dealer and been sent a personalised walk through video. You might have even discussed budgets and scheduled a test drive. Now all you need to do is pop down to the dealer, have a quick chat and you’re behind the wheel. Plus, you still have the rest of your weekend to enjoy!

Finding your next car really is that simple, especially with the huge choice available at Exchange and Mart/s1cars from trusted dealers throughout the UK. So why not start your search today?

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