10 year old steals the show in our brand-new advert

When it comes to adverts, Exchange and Mart have had some standout performances over the years, from iconic TV adverts back in the 80s including a visit to Thunderbird’s Tracy Island and our recent radio advert that took a fun spin on a ‘dodgy dealer’ scenario.


10 year old steals the show in our brand-new advert cover image

So when it came to creating a new advert to be used across social media and YouTube, we knew we had some big shoes to fill. And after an eventful year so far, it also had to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

After listening to you, our valued users, it was clear that a local and trusted brand was more important than ever. Building on our radio advert and the exaggerated ‘dodgy dealer’, this time around the untrustworthy element comes from a distracted 10 year old.

Our new advert features a young cheeky chap helping his dad park his car, with some helpful reversing ‘beeps’ along the way, but unfortunately like most 10 year olds he gets distracted by his phone and then we hear the inevitable ‘crash’.

Unsurprisingly, the 10 year old has become the star of the show since it’s launch on Monday, with thousands of views on YouTube already and plenty of amazing comments and shares on our Facebook page.

Be sure to check it out and give our new advert some love, you can view it on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page.

And remember, when it comes to finding your next car, you need somewhere you can trust. With the best used car deals from local, trusted dealers in the UK and over 150 years on the clock, you can trust Exchange and Mart to help you find your next car.

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