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Nissan Patrol 3.0Di SVE Station Wagon 5d 2953cc au +19

Year 2003

Transmission Automatic

Mileage 121,000

Fuel type Diesel

Engine size 2953

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Why buy a used Nissan Patrol GR Series with Exchange and Mart?

Have you ever paused to wonder why the UN peacekeeping vehicles that you see in far-flung global trouble spots always seem to be Nissan Patrols? Watch any news programme and you'll spot one before too long, finished in white with a big UN sign on the doors. The reason is that when an indestructible vehicle is the number one priority, the big Nissan comes up trumps every time. This durability pays dividends for those looking for a used Patrol back here on home soil. Sure, it may only be used for the school run, but it's reassuring to know that after dropping the kids off at flute practice you've got a vehicle up to the job of sorting out a few sub-Saharan warlords.

About the Nissan Patrol GR Series

The Nissan Patrol GR is a no-nonsense, heavy duty 4x4 that majors on practicality and reliability. While it may not cut a dash in the golf club car park amongst a sea of BMW X5s and Range Rovers, it's good to know that the Patrol is a more sensible real world proposition. Take time, and opt for the newest possible model, as many will find the earliest car maybe a touch too Spartan. If the purposeful image and undoubted capabilities appeal, the Patrol GR won't let you down. Should funds permit, the post 2000 3.0-litre Di models really are worth the stretch. The added refinement, improved fuel economy and improved interior styling tip the balance in favour of the newer car.

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