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Retail price £13,200 Finance from £301 per month
Fiat 124 1.4 SPIDER MULTIAIR LUSSO 2d 139 BHP +13

Year 2017

Transmission Manual

Mileage 19,000

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size 1.4

Retail price £16,000 Finance from £357 per month
Fiat 124 1.4 SPIDER S-DESIGN 2d 139 BHP +12

Year 2018

Transmission Manual

Mileage 4,150

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size 1.4

Retail price £15,995 Finance from £370 per month
Fiat 124 Sport Spider +44

Year 1978

Transmission Manual

Mileage 120,418

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size 1756

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Why buy a used Fiat 124 Spider [Type with Exchange and Mart?

In 2016, the 124 Spider revived a classic name from Fiat's back catalogue and added some Italian glamour to the affordable roadster segment of the sportscar market. This Type 348 car shares much with the Mazda MX-5, its closest Japanese rival, but a lively 1.4-litre turbocharged engine delivers a unique feel that provides this model with much of its unique character.

About the Fiat 124 Spider [Type

It's easy to be critical when it comes to platform sharing but it's an approach that's always been hard to get away from. The original 124 Spider was based on a humble 124 saloon, just as the MK1 model MX-5 borrowed plenty from a Mazda 323 hatch. So why shouldn't this modern-era Fiat sportscar have shared its fundamentals with a more credible donor model, its Japanese arch-rival? After all, if the Turin brand had developed this car from scratch, we'd all have compared every nut and bolt of it to an MX-5 anyway. In the event, you might, like us, actually be quite surprised at just how different this 124 actually is. To be frank, we find the retro flourishes to be a little heavy-handed. You may disagree. In any case though, that's not what fundamentally differentiates this car from an MX-5. For that, you've to look beneath the bonnet. Torquey turbo power makes this a more relaxed, more mature thing to drive than the frantic normally aspirated Mazda. Of course, you may not want that in an affordable sports roadster - in which case you'll know what to do. There was room in this segment though, for something different and this Fiat provided it. Ultimately, every love story has its own soundtrack. If this is yours, then we think you'll like this car very much.

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