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Retail price £20
Games table Shortlist
Foldable table for card games and other board games i.e. chess. Vgc . NW9. Call after 2pm

Retail price £25
Playdough Sets Shortlist
5 play dough sets including Tweenies crazy hair, monster making with sounds. train, dentistry and body as well as general play dough equipment. Very good condition.

Retail price £5
Dolls House. Shortlist+2
Plastic colourful house with opening windows and doors, balcony at back, opens out, side fastening when closed, 2/3 levels, 14in/36cm high, 13in/33cm wide, 8in/20cm deep, GC.

Retail price £2
NEW sequin trousers medium Shortlist
NEW sequin trousers medium £2 other clothes, dresses, tops, skinny jeans etc

Retail price £3.50
Junior Scrabble Shortlist
This is a fun game. All complete and VGC. 2 games in 1. Age 5-10 years

Retail price £3.50
Junior Monopoly Shortlist
This game is action -packed & fun. Aged 8years + All complete. VGC

Retail price £3
Original Operation Game Shortlist
This is a very fun game, it includes all the pieces and it also comes with batteries and instructions we had endless fun with this came when my daughter was younger. VGC.

Disney 16inch Singing Mereda Doll Shortlist
This doll is dressed in a green Mereda long dress, with black cape and brown boots. Complete with bow and arrow. It also comes with batteries and sings/ talks with lines from the film. VGC

Retail price £3.50
Daisy Crusher Pogo Stick Shortlist
This pogo stick was a great buy as my daughter was obsessed with it but she is now to big so she would like to sell it to a good home. It is pink and purple. It is very sturdy and in good condition with a very good sprin

New designer matching shorts and top size 8 Shortlist
NEW designer pretty matching shorts and top size 8, other clothes view dorchester/weymouth

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