What Optional Extras You Should Buy For Your New Car

When you are buying a new car you will go through a big list of options ranging from the colour of the car to whether you need self-parking.


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We understand how long the list of optional extras can be and we want to help you with your choice. Not everything in the optional extras list will add value to the car and some extras will help the car keep depreciation at a minimum (depending on the state of the car). Here are our top 5 must buys and 5 you should think twice when choosing optional extras for your next new car:

Top 5 options you must buy:

  1. Parking Sensors

    Parking sensors add a lot of value to the car as they help you to keep the car safe when you park and reverse away as it will let you know in a series of beeps. In some models there will be a screen graphic and a parking camera to show you how close you are to an object.

  2. Bluetooth

    With new cars integrated with the latest tech, Bluetooth connectivity is a must have and you will be able to integrate your smartphone to either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (which is sold separately to Bluetooth depending on make and model).

  3. Buy a Spare Wheel

    Most cars these days come with a foam tyre inflator which can only be used once and once used, you need to pay to replace it at the dealership. On the other hand, a spare tyre does not need replacing each time you are forced to change a wheel and is easier to maintain.

  4. Alloy Wheels

    It is a little known fact that having a set of alloy wheels different from the standard set adds presence and character away from similar style models therefore when it comes to selling the car on – you will get more money than a car with normal standard alloys or steel wheels.

  5. Purchase a Service Plan

    Not a visible extra you can have but a service plan is necessary for any new car – the price will pay for itself throughout the plan you have paid for. If you don’t have a service plan then the price to service a car over a 3 year period will be at least 3 times more expensive and that doesn’t take into account any nasty surprises.

Top 5 options you should think twice:

  1. Leather Seats

    If you are buying an expensive luxury car you probably want leather seats.  But for everyday cars these seats will make the wear and tear clearly more visible especially with children around.

  2. Sat Nav

    We live in the age of the smartphone and there are lots of apps you can use as a sat nav such as Waze and HERE WeGo (both have speed limits and real time traffic info). You can also buy standalone sat navs which start from £35.

  3. Xenon/LED lights

    Your car comes with bright headlights as standard therefore there is no need to make the headlights brighter with xenon or LED lights as these can dazzle other drivers.

  4. Keyless Entry

    You should seriously reconsider if you want keyless entry as there has been a string of thefts and security concerns. This has led to some insurance companies requiring assurances that the car will be kept in a garage or in a secure car park, or in some cases decline to insure the car.

  5. Any bodywork enhancements

    Car manufacturers always allow you the chance to add special items such as a rear roof spoiler or mud flaps however these additional body panels are not given so much extra value.

When you buy a car and take into consideration on what options you want to have, it might be worth researching what each trim gives you as standard. This in turn will help you see what you are getting for each trim and it might be better off to spend that little more on other additional items. Check out on the amazing deals for buying a new car today at Exchange and Mart / s1cars.

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