Top 10 Car Theme Tunes To Add To Your Road Trip Playlist

There’s no better feeling than jumping in the car on a long weekend and heading for a drive. Whether it’s for a couple’s overnight stay, heading to the coast or just to get out of the city, it’s nice to just get away from it all. Whatever your road trip plans are, you’re going to need an awesome soundtrack for the drive. Forget the radio signal cutting out and taking turns to be DJ, these tunes will settle any argument!


With so many classic road trip songs to choose from it was no easy task, but here’s our top 10, essential for any successful road trip.

Little red corvette – Prince

Ok so the title says it all, a catchy tune that will have you imagining you’re behind the wheel of something a little bit sportier!


Life is a highway – Tom Cochrane

A great one to get everyone singing along to, covered by a few different artists in its time, the kids might remember it from the movie ‘Cars’ – guaranteed crowd pleaser.


Fast car – Tracy Chapman

Everyone knows the words to this song, whether they like to admit it or not. Perfect for a more chilled out drive through the country.


Greased lightning – Grease

Unleash your inner Danny Zuko, slick back your hair and brush off those old dance moves for this one – well save the dance moves for the final destination. 


Shut up and drive – Rihanna

A more modern classic but still pretty iconic, with the engine roars, tyre screeches and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.


Paradise by the dashboard light – Meatloaf

At over 8 minutes long, you might want to save this for a longer part of your journey to fully appreciate it. Perfect for a little dashboard duet.


I’m gonna be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers

So, we’re not ones for walking much, especially not 1000 miles so how about a drive instead? Guaranteed to lighten up even the longest of journeys.


Jump in my car – David Hasselhoff

Not heard of this one? Not to be taken so seriously, especially when you see the video, but a fun song for everyone to enjoy and have a chuckle at.


Mustang Sally – The Commitments

You can’t have a road trip soundtrack without Mustang Sally. Originally by Wilson Pickett back in 1966, it’s been covered a few times but our favourite is this version by The Commitments.


Route 66 – Chuck Berry

Named after one of the world’s most iconic roads, the song takes you through the full journey, from Chicago to L.A. So sit back and get your kicks down Route 66.

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