Exchange and Mart calls for dealers to focus stock on alternative fuel as emission charges for London drivers increases

For months, hybrid and electric vehicles have dominated the new car market, with huge year on year growth seen not only in the number of registrations but also in overall market share. Electric and hybrid cars now account for 30% of all registrations within the UK, with Battery Electric Vehicles growing 145% yearly in May and Hybrid Electric Vehicles growing 94% in the same period.


Exchange and Mart calls for dealers to focus stock on alternative fuel as emission charges for London drivers increases image

As predicted by Exchange and Mart, increased demand for alternative fuelled vehicles has now hit the used car market with sales of hybrid models growing 8% YoY in May.

Dawn Sweeney, Managing Director of Exchange and Mart, said “We have known for some time now that Electric and Hybrid cars are the future, not only through impending bans on new petrol and diesel cars, but with newer, younger and ultimately, more environmentally aware drivers hitting the roads and seeking alternative fuelled cars. Search interest in the UK for hybrid cars is at its highest level in 12 months, with people actively seeking out more information and educating themselves on their next car purchase.”

“We want to ensure that we are assisting drivers with expert advice as a trusted source for those searching for a used hybrid or electric vehicle. And it is working, with pageviews of alternative fuelled vehicles on our site so far this year up 22% compared to the first half of 2020.”

In a time when dealers are struggling to keep up with stock demand and used car prices growing 5% in June year on year, can dealers afford not to grow their hybrid and electric car stock? For dealers in London they may need to refocus sooner rather than later. With the recent expansion of the low emission zone being introduced from October, many drivers may be reconsidering their car choice. Currently the ‘ultra low emission zone’, or ULEZ, is contained within the congestion charge area but will be extended to cover everything inside the North and South Circular roads. Driving almost anywhere in London will incur a charge if your vehicle doesn’t meet current standards, meaning those that will start to incur additional charges may begin their EV research now and will be looking to dealers that have plenty of choice.

“Whilst we are aware of the current stock struggles that some car dealers are facing, we encourage dealers to focus on increasing their stock levels with hybrid and electric cars in order to take advantage of this increased and continuing demand. Just as buyers adapted to online buying during the pandemic, this is another trend that isn’t going away. We don’t want dealers being left behind.”

“We launched our dedicated ‘electric car online showroom’ last month as a resource for buyers but also as a place where dealers and manufacturers could target active buyers. Dealers that choose Exchange and Mart and MOTORSiQ as their marketing partner not only have the power of a brand that has been around for over 150 years but the support of digital marketing experts. Buyers drive our industry and they are turning to Exchange and Mart for the best deals.”

Car dealers looking to join Exchange and Mart in their commitment to the electric cars sector can visit For sponsorship opportunities, call 01202 036137 or email

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