Best car games for kids (and adults!)

No matter how old you are, everyone loves a good car game. We’ve all enjoyed a good game of I Spy or even road trip bingo. So, if you’re heading out in the car and need something to occupy the kids or your mates, here are our top picks for car games.


1. I Spy

Our top spot goes to the classic I Spy. A game that can be played pretty much anywhere and doesn’t require any pre-planning, equipment or age restrictions. It’s great for involving the whole car, even the driver can have a go – as long as they don’t get too distracted. One person takes a turn to ‘spy’ something, it can be in the car or outside. They then recite the line ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with (letter)’. Everyone then takes a turn to guess what it is. The winner is the next person to ‘spy’ something, and so on.

2. Road Trip Bingo

This game takes a bit of pre-planning but is a good way to keep everyone occupied over a longer period of time. It involves each person being given a bingo card, or a sheet of paper, with certain objects you expect to see on your journey. This can be things like cars, a certain colour, landmarks, animals – anything really. Each time someone spots one, they mark it off on their sheet. The first one to get all of them wins a prize!

3. 21 Questions

This is another simple game that doesn’t need any pre-planning, just your imagination! One person thinks of a person, it can be a celebrity, sports person etc. You can either play it in pairs, with one person being the thinker and the other the guesser, or the whole car can join in. Either way, you have up to 21 questions to ask and the responses can only be Yes or No. You can’t repeat the same question and the winner starts the next round.

4. A to Z

This game is great for people that enjoy some competition. The game is simple, someone picks a topic like ‘Animals’ and everyone takes a turn to name an Animal that begins with a letter in the alphabet from A to Z. So, the first person starts with A, next person is B and so on. You can make it as easy as you want with the categories but the harder the better, especially when you get to X,Y and Z!

5. The Name Game

This one is may be more for older kids and adults and you can find yourself getting a bit flustered! Again, the rules are simple. Someone picks a famous person like ‘Michael Jackson’ and then next person needs to say the name of another famous person whose first name begins with the first letter of that person’s last name, for example: 

Player 1: Michael Jackson

Player 2: Jennifer Lopez

Player 3: Lady Gaga

And so on!

To make it even more competitive, why not try setting a timer for each person. If they get flustered and can’t find a name, then they’re out! Or, if they get it wrong, try some forfeits for when you arrive at your destination.

Why not try making up your own car game and making it a road trip tradition for you and your travel companions?

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