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Just £5 for 2 weeks, or £10 for 5 weeks

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Just £5 for 2 weeks, or £10 for 5 weeks

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Just £5 for 2 weeks, or £10 for 5 weeks

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Just £3 for 2 weeks, or £6 for 5 weeks

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Just £3 for 2 weeks, or £6 for 5 weeks

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  • Need more flexibility in your advertising?
  • Got the odd vehicle to sell?
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  • Up to 50 ads and a dealer website for £60 per week

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Why Exchange and Mart?

At Exchange and Mart, we are confident that we provide an exceptional vehicle selling environment meaning that you can sell your vehicle quickly and with minimal fuss and hassle. Whether you’re a private owner or a person working in a trade and looking to sell, we have the tools for you to do it, ensuring you make the most profit you can. With all this and more, why look anywhere other than Exchange and Mart?

Placing an Ad with Exchange and Mart

Placing an advert with Exchange and Mart for your vehicle is straightforward. We allow the following vehicle types in our database:
  • Car
  • Classic car
  • Motorbike or scooter
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Caravan or motorhome
  • Parts and accessories
As you can see, you’re not limited to what you want to advertise with us, so whatever you’re looking to sell, feel free to do so. If you’re a private advertiser, you can advertise a Classic Car (a car more than 25 years old) for 5 weeks FREE of charge. For all other motoring sections, you can start selling from just £3 per 2 weeks, and if you’re a trade advertiser looking to advertise up to 5 or 10 vehicles prices start at only £20. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to place more ads, you can add up to 50 from only £50 per week.

Contact Us

If you’re unsure of which option is right for you, why not get in contact with one of our helpful advisors who will be able to help you make an informed decision. All you need to do is write to a member of our helpful, professional team using the contact from on our Contact Us page, and one of our advisors will get back to you as soon as possible. So as you can see, there’s no reason not to place an ad with Exchange and Mart.