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Retail price £20
The Self Sufficient-ish Bible Shortlist
Andy and Dave Hamilton's guide to travel, lifestyle, food, renewable energy, clothes. recycling, ethical shopping, growing, vegetables and fruit, allotments and children. In excellent condition as was an unwanted gift and hasn't been read. New copies are twice the price of this one. more

Retail price £25
Melodia Divina Shortlist +2
A collection of hymns and psalms, circa 1860 measuring approx. 14x11". The pages are in reasonable condition for its age but the boards and fly leaves need loving renovation. £25 o.n.o. more

Retail price £5
'HOW TO DO... Shortlist +1
...just about ANYTHING ON A COMPUTER'. Hardback by Reader's Digest. Unused gift in 'as new' condition, complete with CD-ROM. Mobile: 07541261498 (no texts, please) Could deliver locally or post nationally. more

Retail price £15
Encyclopaedia Britannica 1974 Shortlist +1
Set of 15th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica with 19 macropaedia , 10 micropaedia and one guide book. All in excellent condition but taking up too much room in a small flat. more

Timelife Series: Myth & Mankind x10, Hardback. Shortlist +5
Set of 10 hardback books, all in excellent condition including: The Way To Eternity - Egyptian Myth, Epics of Early Civilization - Middle Eastern Myth, Lost Realms of Gold - South American Myth, Gods of Sun and Sacrifice - Aztec & Maya Myth, Triumph of the Hero - Greek & Roman Myth, Titans and Olympians - Greek & Roman Myth, Heroes of the Dawn - Celtic Myth, Sagas of the Norsemen - Viking & German Myth, The Diamond Path - Tibetan & Mongolian Myth, Mother Earth, Father Sky - Native American Myth. more

Manchester United Football Books Shortlist +1
Manchester United Football Books Volumes 1 - 6.

"AIRPLANE" 49 PARTS, NEW,ideal for children interested in planes, would keep them interested for summer holidays. £25.00 for the lot more

Antiquarian rare Book "The Temple Magazine&qu Shortlist +2
Collectable Victorian Book See pictures online Free local delivery

Retail price £40
Record collection Shortlist +1
collection of boxed collections and 4 lps Would want to sell as a job lot Buyer collects more

craft books flowers, cross stitch Shortlist +2
craft books flowers, cross stitch, gardening books £3 each bargain text07789394024 more

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