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Peugeot Traveller Review

Peugeot Traveller Tested June 2017

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Quick Summary

Recommended. A thoroughly impressive people mover.

Road Test

Think cool van and, usually, there’s one name that comes to mind – and it’s not Peugeot. VW has cornered the market for those who want their vans to do everything and be cool at the same time with its Transporter for 60-odd years.

But there are alternatives and the Peugeot Traveller is most definitely one of them. Indeed, it’s marketing the Traveller as an alternative option. This is one posh MPV for sure.

Things like automatic sliding rear doors (opening them yourself is just so last century) certainly demonstrate that.

For starters there are three body styles – compact, standard and long. Even the compact has an eight-seat option. Aside from the body options, the range is simple, with just Allure and Active trims to worry about.

So all versions get automatic dual-zone air con, rear parking sensors (even more useful here than in your average car), cruise control, touch screen system and 12 volt sockets, among plenty else.

Allure adds leather trim, alloys, heated electric massage seats in the front, parking sensors all round, panoramic sunroof and head-up display. It's big and practical and there are multiple space configurations to suit your needs.

It’s totally versatile – everything from two seats to eight so you can balance passenger and load space as needed. The only minor grumble is, oddly, the lack of storage within the driver’s reach in the front.

But practicality doesn’t stop the Traveller from being very well-appointed, with a neat interior, a nice fit and finish and good tech including Peugeot’s very good infotainment system.

Even better, it drives very nicely too.

It's smooth, powerful and easy to drive for a big bus. We managed to do nearly 700 miles in our tester and we got to high-30s mpg across B-roads, A-roads, around town and on motorways. The ride is comfortable and it doesn't roll too much for a van - the handling is good.

Power comes from a selection of diesel engines, with either 95hp, 115hp, 150hp or 180hp. We’d probably avoid the lower pair unless you’re nipping around town. Indeed, with economy figures in the low-mid 50s on the 95, 115 and 150, the 150 seems like the best all-rounder on paper. Only the 180 dips below 50, but only just. Emissions range from 133-155g/km.

It might not quite have the street cred of the Transporter, but Peugeot sure is trying. The Traveller is a great MPV and gives others like the Citroen SpaceTourer, Ford Transit and Toyota Proace Verso a serious run for their money.

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