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Nissan Juke Review

Nissan Juke Tested May 2015

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Quick Summary

Recommended. A car with a real individual feel to it, there’s not really anything quite like it out there.

Road Test

It’s hard to pigeon-hole the Nissan Juke in many ways.

Yes, it’s an urban crossover, and there’s plenty of them around, but the Juke seems to have personality all of its own.

There’s an almost buggy-like look and feel to it, which makes it a fun drive.

You immediately feel like you can throw it around a bit and the raised driving position gives you the feel that you know exactly where all four corners of the car are.

All models have a sporty look, with alloys, a meaty grille and chunky lights.

From a practicality point of view you get good space in the back and a decent size boot.

The cabin has a nice feel to it and materials are good quality.

Standard kit isn’t overly generous, but all cars gets electric stability, alloys (bigger up the range), air con, electric windows front and back, a rear tonneau cover as part of the tailgate and a CD radio.

It’s worth moving up the scale, however, to add bits like cruise control, climate control, reversing camera and the neat 5.8-inch touch screen system.

You can also still have Nissan’s pioneering safety systems, such as the 360-degree camera, lane departure warning system and blind spot warning.

The basic 1.6 petrol is probably best avoided, with only 94ps, but the 115ps diesel and 117ps petrol are perky units.

For those looking for more grunt, there’s a 190ps diesel that has lots, while the super-sporty Nismo RS model offers a fabulous turbo petrol with 218ps.

The Nismo is a great alternative to the traditional hot hatch, catapulting you to 62mph in just seven seconds.

The handling is great too – it feels like it’s on tracks.

The Juke is for those that are looking for something a bit different and it certainly fulfils that brief.

And, with prices in line with your average hatchback, it doesn’t cost to step away from the norm, either.

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