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BMW 2 Series Review

BMW 2 Series Tested July 2016

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Quick Summary

Highly recommended. The standard car is a little unexciting, but the M2 is a fantastic driver’s car

Road Test

There’s something about a little BMW with a boot. The original 3 Series, for example. Light and lithe, yet practical. But, as the years go by, cars have just got bigger and fatter, in the main. So now we need new ones to take their place.

Perhaps, then, the 2 Series is something of a reincarnation of the original 3. It’s compact, attractive and, being a Beemer, good to drive of course. You also get plenty for your cash – standard spec includes 17in alloys, air con, navigation system, online services, digital radio, several drive modes and plenty more.

There’s a selection of four-pot petrols of diesels, which are perky and clean. The thing is, though, it all feels a little bit unexciting. That might be down to the fact that, before driving the standard car, we got to drive the M2. And it’s blinking brilliant.

Under the bonnet lies a 3.0-litre M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine that makes a hefty 370hp. That’s a lot in a little coupe like this and it shows. It goes like stink, making 62mph in just 4.3 seconds – that’s proper sports car territory. It’s not even far of supercar territory. It was tested around the Nurburgring and that shows too – the M2 grips like mad.

It’s a pure joy to drive – everything a driver wants in regards to power and grip. You just want to go again and again. We imagine it’s a somewhat familiar feeling to those who first stepped into the original BMW M3 in 1985, or even the 2002 Turbo in the mid-1970s. That, too, was a fast, light, two-door coupe.

Changes from the standard 2 Series also include an M Quad sports exhaust system, lots of M trim inside and out, more muscular lines on the exterior and 19in wheels. There’s also lightweight suspension, active differential and the option of a seven-speed double-clutch gearbox. 

So, the M2 is really one for the driving purists – it’s BMW going back to its performance coupe roots, really. The only problem? The waiting list is already more than a year. And, when rivals like the Audi TT, Peugeot RCZ and Volkswagen Scirocco are somewhat cheaper, you’ll really need to want one to wait that long.

Thanks to Westerly BMW for the loan of the car pictured here

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