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Retail price £24,995
Mitsubishi 3000GT COUPE Coupe 1999, 16500 miles, £

Year 1999

Transmission Manual

Mileage 16,500

Fuel type Petrol

Engine size Unknown

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Why buy a used Mitsubishi 3000GT with Exchange and Mart?

The Mitsubishi 3000GT represents a case study in technological overkill. Whilst some rivals used a technological sledgehammer to crack a nut, an apt image for the 3000GT would be a small peanut perched atop a hundred-megaton thermonuclear device. It was almost as if there was a momentary lapse of reason at Mitsubishi in the early nineties whereby development engineers decided to throw every driver aid and gizmo they could think of at one particular car. All this technology doesn't make the Mitsubishi a bad car; it just makes it an incredibly complex and consequently risky used buy. If you can bag a good one, and there are a number of good cars about, a 3000GT is probably the best car for the money to cross continents. A sports car? You'll have to look elsewhere for that. The 3000GT was unfairly compared with other techno-laden sports cars such as the Nissan Skyline GT-R, whereas it was probably best viewed as a cut-price successor to Porsche's 928 in spirit, if not in execution. Due to these comparisons the big Mitsubishi was branded as a bit of a dynamic duffer, and as a result can be picked up very reasonably on the used market. These misplaced conceptions can save you a lot of money.

About the Mitsubishi 3000GT

Despite the many attributes of the Mitsubishi 3000GT, the plain fact is that judged as a sports car there are many better alternatives available for less money. If you are sold on the technological prowess or love the way it looks, then if you're careful about buying and can afford to run one, the big Mitsubishi represents a capable, if dated, GT car. As an intercontinental ballistic missile, the 3000GT has few peers; just be prepared to travel light.

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