When is it time to change your car?

A car for many is a huge investment, both financially but also in terms of the time it takes to do your research, test drive and mull over signing on the dotted line or handing the cash over. Which is why changing your car happens every few years – or longer!


The aim is to take care of your car and it’ll take care of you, and hopefully last a long time. Over that time, we grow close to our cars, giving them names, makeovers and even talking to them. But when it comes to changing your car, how do you know when it’s time?

That rattling noise just won’t go away

That noise has been bugging you for a while now and no matter how many times you take it to the garage for a fix, it just isn’t getting better. As much as you’ve cared for your car over the years and love even its rusty bits, if it’s becoming costly or unsafe to drive then maybe it’s time to say goodbye. Older cars do need a lot more TLC than newer ones but if you’re not prepared for the cost involved in the upkeep then it might be time to upgrade to something a bit friendlier on your bank balance.

It’s a non-starter

Did you ignore that rattling sound a bit too long? Good news: the rattling has stopped, bad news: the car won’t start. If your car is past repair and magic will not bring it back to life, then it’s definitely time to go car shopping. Although your old car might not be worth much to you, it’s worth checking if you can sell it for parts or even bag yourself a cheeky trade-in, you never know – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

You’ve grown out of it

This could mean both literally and figuratively. Maybe you bought a little run-around as your first car to get over all those first-time nerves, bumps and scratches and now you’re ready for something a bit more grown up. Or maybe you need a bit more space – changing from a Mini to a Minivan? Throughout your time as a driver, your car will grow with you and adapt to your ever-changing life. Whether that’s treating yourself to that souped up turbo engine or looking for some extra boot space to fit the pram.

Time for an upgrade

Purchasing a car, no matter what the price, is a big financial commitment and often depends on what our other outgoings are. So normally when choosing your car depends on what your budget is at the time. So, when you get a little free cash, maybe your outgoings are coming down or you bagged that sought-after promotion then it’s only natural to think – ‘is it time for an upgrade?’.  But remember, always try to live within your means and don’t put pressure on your finances. There are so many great deals available so getting that dream car can be a little bit closer without regretting it a few months down the line.

More fun

As many people are looking to increase the size of their car to fit the family, there’s just as many that don’t need the boot size anymore and are opting for something a little smaller. Maybe all the kids are grown up and have their own cars and you’re looking for a convertible to enjoy the beautiful summer weather? Sometimes our car decision is based on our practical needs and not down to the joy of driving but it’s great when you find the car that does both.

If a new car is calling you then make sure you check out the thousands of used car deals we have available from dealers throughout the UK.

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