Licensed To Thrill: Bonds Greatest Classic Cars

What could possibly be more British than Bond? Arguably Britain’s favourite son and unquestionably one of the world’s greatest classic car lovers, James Bond has helped propel a British love of cars to new heights. Every single film without fail features a stunning car, but what are his very best? Here’s our rundown of the top 5:


Picture of Lotus Esprit in sea

No.5: Die Another Day: Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Granted, all Aston Martin’s are beautiful, but the V12 Vanquish in Die Another Day is especially stunning. Having said that, the Bond creators did their best to hide the looks of this beautiful machine, with Q installing an adaptive camouflage device that made it invisible. Despite that, the V12 Vanquish really was the perfect car for any bond girl.

Picture of Lotus Esprit in sea


Lotus Esprit defined a generation. The Lotus Esprit had everything that you could possibly need from a supercar and, what’s more, it even doubled as a submarine in sticky situations. Perfect for avoiding machine gun bullets on the hills and sublime at navigating through the ocean, the Lotus Esprit really was the perfect all-rounder.

No.3: Goldfinger and Thunderball: Aston Martin DB5

In 2010, one of the DB5s made for these films sold for $4.1 million at auction, while the other was stolen from its owner in Florida. The DB5 is arguably the most famous of all the Bond cars, and it certainly gets the blood flowing even today. Back then, a hidden in-car phone was the height of technology, but don’t belittle it; as the driver can always press the red knob on the top of the gear stick and throw you out of the ejector seat. Recently voted in the top 10 most recognisable motors in the world, the Aston Martin DB5 is a true classic for the ages.

No:2 Tomorrow Never Dies: BMW 750iL

Many will be shocked by the choice of the BMW 750iL because of its somewhat bland appearance, but its unassuming nature is what makes it the perfect Bond vehicle. It may not look like much, but the Q gadgets installed make it many people’s favourite; the entire car could be controlled remotely via mobile phone. With this feature, a smoke bomb and his famed agility Bond was able to steward the car to safety from a German car park, all from the comfort of the back seat. Talk about a back seat driver, eh?

James Bond's Aston Martin DBS

No.1: Casino Royale: Aston Martin DBS V12

Number one on the list simply had to be an Aston Martin, and is there a more worthy winner than the DBS V12? One for the modern Bond fans, the Aston Martin had already saved Bond’s life due to its handily fitted defibrillator when it became one of Britain’s most loved wreckages. The car flipping scene (currently a Guinness world record) is one of Bond’s most iconic moments and, even after all that, the car still looks beautiful.

There we have it, Bond’s 5 greatest classics. We may all agree on the order, but we’d all love to have any of them in the garage.

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