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Genuine Kia Sportage 2011 - 2016 Dog Guard / Cargo Shortlist+3
TRA VAL metal dog guard was in Kia Sportage 1.7 Max measurement points H 0.84M W1.28M. £190 new. Dog matured

Retail price £8
9 Cuttle fish bones Shortlist
Cuttle fish bones for pet birds, reptiles and snails. Retail bought. (Approx 6" 15cm each).Photos in online advert. £8 ovno

BNIB Aquarium-Warm Lite Bulb 25w Shortlist+1
Aquarium, Warm Lite 25w (742mm) (Juwel )Light Tube.As new, still in the box.Cash on Collection only..Photos in online advert

Lot 1. traps,syphons,magnets+more 12pounds. ovno. Lot 2.Over 40 tube,tank fittings etc 15pounds. ovno. Photos in online advert

I bought and used these in my own aquariums but I have closed my aquariums down now so selling things off. They are in a good, very clean condition. 3 x Screwcumber coils. Marine quality stainless steel. For cucumber /

Retail price £5
23 Tropical fish Shortlist+7
have 23 fish for sale need gone asap Open to offers Golden gurami ×2 £5_both Three spot gurami ×2 £5 both Powder blue dwarf gurami £2,50 Red dwarf gurami ×2 £5 both Bala shark ×2 £7 both Red tail shark ×2

Retail price £50
3 x sow Guinea pigs 1 year old Shortlist
Including cage and accessories Ideal for young children as very well handled. Sadly must re-home due to our puppy being to much for them. Price is a token payment of £50 to show your willingness to take these little la

Retail price £25
Hamster cage plus accessories Shortlist
Large Rosewood hamster cage, 19x18x14 inches. A few months old with many extras including water dispenser, toys, food and wheel.

Small Round Canvas Pet Bed - Multicoloured. 870/87 Shortlist
Small Round Canvas Pet Bed - Multicoloured. 870/8799 untouched

BNIB Juwel Aquarium reflector . Shortlist
To mount behind the tube, to directed light back to where it is required in the aquarium. Box information; 36W, 1200mm. Photo in on-line advert

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