Top cars of 2018 – And the winners are….

As we enter a new, exciting year full of brand-new car launches and remodels, we’re looking back at 2018 to see which cars came out top.

Our friends at Car and Driving have road-tested and reviewed hundreds of cars and have carefully selected their winners in categories from City car, Supermini, large MPV and even the most coveted, Car of the Year.


Here are just a select few of the winners.

City car of the Year – Kia Picanto

With its blend of affordability and impressive build quality, the Kia Picanto is one of the most popular small cars around. Not only is it stylish in looks, comfortable on the inside and is also one of the safest small cars around. Combine that with Kia’s 7-year warranty and low ownership costs, if you’re looking for a small car then the Kia Picanto is your perfect fit.

Supermini of the Year – Ford Fiesta

One of the most popular cars in the UK, if not the world, the Ford Fiesta has always been an affordable choice but also a great car to drive. In its seventh generation, it has been designed to make a statement on the supermini segment. As before, it is available in 3 and 5 door options but is also available in an ‘Active’ crossover body style aimed at customers wanting luxury and sportiness.

Medium SUV of the Year (C-Segment) – SEAT Ateca

Named after the traditional Spanish town, the Ateca competes with the likes of the Volkswagen Tiguan but as the brand says, it offers a sportier feel and affordable price tag. This is SEAT’s first foray in to the SUV market and seems to be well worth the wait, with standard equipment including air conditioning, touchscreen media system, leather steering wheel and 16-inch alloy wheels. If you’re a fan of the Nissan Qashqai then it’s definitely worth a look.

Luxury large SUV of the Year – Land Rover Discovery

There’s nothing quite like a Land Rover Discovery and this fifth-generation version continues to offer the toughest, most practical and most capable choice in the large SUV sector. It’s, larger inside, cheaper to run and more media-savvy than its predecessor. Yet it remains a practical choice for up to seven adults and is an easy class-leader off the beaten track. In the large family SUV segment, there’s nothing quite like it.

Full electric car of the Year – Jaguar i-PACE

With the launch of the i-PACE, Jaguar became the first premium brand to make a long range, practical, battery-powered electric vehicle but with an asking price of £60,000 – is it worth it? With a 300-mile driving range, competing with the likes of Tesla, almost zero emissions, comfortable on the race track and with all the luxury from the premium brand you’ll find it hard not to want one.

Car of the Year – Ford Focus

Also, winner of the ‘Family Hatch of the Year’, the MK4 version of this popular model offers slicker, more stylish lines, higher quality interior and extra technology like radar-operated cruise control, lane-keep assist, emergency auto-braking and wi-fi network. It’s good to know that despite its fancy facelift and gadgets, the Focus is still as rewarding to drive as it has always been.


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