Tips for the back to school run

The summer holidays are over and you’re easing back into your normal routine, along with the dreaded school run. To help avoid another manic Monday and reduce the pre-school tears – yours, not the kids – then follow our handy tips to stop the stress and make your school drop-off a success.


  1. Prepare the night before

If you’re not the best with time keeping and you normally find yourselves running out the door, with kids in tow, then the best thing to do is to prep the night before. This could mean lining up the bags and jackets at the door to grab easily on the way out, to sorting out the lunchboxes and snacks too. Oh, and don’t forget to check homework and PE kits!


  1. Make sure the tank is full

Yes, we mean both you and the car. It’s important to start any day right and that means having a suitable breakfast before you leave. Whether that’s a light bite if you prefer elevenses, a quick smoothie or even just a coffee to give you a boost. It’s also handy to make sure that the car has plenty of fuel. The last thing you want is that dreaded fuel warning light to ping when you’re already in a rush.


  1. Don’t forget your safety checks

The most important thing about the school run is making sure your passengers are safe. Whether that’s making sure they have the correct safety seat, making sure all seatbelts are fastened securely and of course basic car safety checks, like tyres, fluid levels, wiper blades and mirrors.


  1. It’s not a race

Even with the best preparations, sometimes being late is unavoidable whether it’s a dodgy alarm clock or roadworks. But remember that it’s not a race to get there and rushing about can lead to extra stress and affect your concentration. Residential areas around the school areas are busy with people getting to and from the school, plus there’s extra school crossing patrols and ‘20’s plenty’ signs, so it’s important to getting there safely.


  1. Keep them occupied

Not everyone is blessed with a short school run, so if you’ve got a longer commute in the morning then it’s good to have things in the car that will keep them occupied – and stop them dosing off! Use this time for reading books, playing games or even just having some nice family time. Pack snacks too if breakfast has been missed.


It’s important to teach kids early about road safety and the school run is your opportunity to set an example. So in addition to our handy tips and driving safely, remember parking in a safe place, walking part of your journey to reduce congestion and using the Green Cross Code are other ways to teach them about road safety.

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