Motorbikes – staying safe in the rain

Whilst many riders choose to put their bike away during bad weather like rain or snow, sometimes travelling is unavoidable. This is where these simple, and obvious, safety tips come in handy for even the most experienced biker.


Staying safe doesn’t just mean whilst you’re on the road, it starts at home and before you set off on your journey. Always run through your pre-ride checks of tyres, lights and lubricants. Worn out tread, sidewall damage, slow punctures and low pressure could contribute to sudden loss of grip, which can lead to a serious accident even during the best weather conditions. If your bike is of an age that it has a manual light switch, make sure this is on before you head out if it’s getting dark.

Make sure your handling is kept smooth and slow, that means any steering, braking or acceleration. When the roads are wet, your tyres need all the help they can get to keep a good grip on the road so make your handling of the bike as smooth as possible.

Another obvious safety tip that’s sometimes neglected is keeping your visors/mirrors clean. These can be difficult to keep totally clear in the pouring rain but make sure any dirty marks or scrapes are dealt with before you head out. If your vision is impaired by the weather, slow your speed down and double check blind spots and overtaking traffic.

If your vision is impaired, it’s safe to say that other road users and pedestrians are also struggling in some way. So, it’s best to anticipate that you may not be easily seen and adjust your speed and positioning accordingly.

Again, difficult in some weather conditions, but it’s important to keep yourself as dry as possible. Also make sure your safety gear and clothing are kept in good condition. This will allow you to be comfortable and warm in colder temperatures and ensure you are kept as safe as possible in the event of any accidents.

Keep an eye out for any fuel or oil spillages on the road as this will sit above the water. Be extra careful around petrol stations and newly-laid tarmac.

Puddles and standing water are extremely dangerous for bikers as it’s difficult to tell how deep they may be or even if they’re hiding other dangers below the surface. Where you can, try to avoid them but if you need to ride over them, grip the bars, keep your bike as upright as possible and keep your speed level. Remember to test your brakes after going through any deep water.

Although road safety has come a long way in recent years, the roads can be unpredictable for bikers and cyclists. But with these safety tips and taking extra care on the roads, you can have an enjoyable and stress-free time, whatever the weather!

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