Stunning Kc Reg Doberman Puppies


Price: £400

Location: Whitefield Manchester

07031 963713
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Stunning Kc Reg Doberman Puppies


***Two Black and Tan females remaining **Deposits being taken on a beautiful litter Black and Tan health tested Doberman puppies from an exceptional pedigree line . Mother is hip and elbow scored with fabulous scores and is vwd tested clear . Our puppies are raised to the highest possible standard with no expense spared on our country estate in Cheshire where they have land to explore and exercise and socialise with horses and other animals . The puppies will be weaned on to royal canin and will be vaccinated / wormed and Heath checked by our vet . And will come with full kc registration . If you can offer one of our puppies a five star home then please call us for more information .

Advert ID = 19393764

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Advert ID 19393764

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