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Car News

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Truckers Given The Green Light To Drive Faster

THERE'S good news for car drivers today as the government has officially increased the single-carriageway speed limit for heavy goods vehicles to 50mph.

Car Production Up Again In June

THE NUMBER OF CARS produced in the UK rose last month.

2005 Lexus RX 400h in police livery

Calamity Chase

A MAN who fled after being stopped by traffic officers in Mississippi was apparently so focused on getting away that he unknowingly ran into a police academy.

Speedy Riders

A GROUP of Commonwealth Games athletes took on a road race with a difference by going for a ride down one of Scotland's busiest stretches of motorway.

Beetle Anniversary Party Is More Crazy Than Ever

OVER 4,000 enthusiasts are making their way to the Baltic resort of Travemünde to celebrate Beetles of all generations in what has been called 'The Sunshine Tour'.

Milestone In Life Matched By Car Change

MOST DRIVERS in the UK mark key milestone moments in their life with a change of car. Four out of five British drivers say they will change their car to give their first-born child a more comfortable drive home, while others say they would swap cars if they won the Lottery.

Couple buy a new car (mobile phone)

UK Drivers Change Cars As Often As Their Mobile Phone

DRIVERS in the UK change their cars as often as they swap to a new mobile phone. In the past 10 years, the average British motorist has owned four mobile phones and four cars.

Mobile Phones Set To Be Biggest Roads Killer

MOBILE PHONES are likely to be the number one cause of fatal collisions on the UK's roads by 2015. The number of drivers making calls, texting and using social media while driving has risen dramatically, which has led Transport
Minister Patrick McLoughlin to propose doubling the number of penalty points added to a driver's licence if caught using a mobile phone while at the wheel.

New Car Sales Soar In 2014

NEW CAR SALES in the UK and most of Europe are up for the first half of 2014 compared to the same period last year. The UK recorded a 10.6% rise in new cars sales against a European average increase of 5.8%.

Fiesta Becomes UK's All-Time Best Seller

THE FORD FIESTA has become Britain's all-time top selling car.

Old Distractions As Bad As New Tech

DRIVERS are as much distracted by "old technology" as by new gadgets, according to a survey.

Daftest Hard Shoulder Stops Revealed

DRIVERS have illegally stopped on motorway hard shoulders for all sorts of barely believable reasons, according to a list from the Highways Agency

Some of the dumb and dumber reasons include picking flowers, renewing insurance policies and even trying to sell their car.

Ford telematics system installed in a Focus

Motorists Say No To 'Spy Boxes'

AN OVERWHELMING majority of motorists want to shelve EU plans to introduce so-called ‘spy boxes' in cars, according to a new poll.

Think! About Bikers, Drivers Urged

A SAFETY CAMPAIGN warning drivers to look out for motorcyclists has been launched.

Button: I Over-Reacted At Hamilton

JENSON BUTTON has conceded to an over-reaction in his criticism of Lewis Hamilton following Sunday's German Grand Prix.

Junction Auto-Brake For Next Volvo Xc90

THE NEXT Volvo XC90 will be able to brake itself if its driver attempts to pull out in front of an oncoming car, as one of two world-first safety innovations.

Traffic Delays 'To Last Weeks'

DRIVERS at the beginning of the summer holiday getaway are being warned of weeks of delays on the roads.

2006 Suzuki SX4 (beach, surf, holiday, lifestyle)

Holidaymakers To Drive Over 1,000 Miles

BRITISH families will rack up a total of 15.7 billion miles in their own cars during holidays this year.

Londoners 'Most Likely To Fail' Driving Test

LEARNERS gearing up to take their first driving test are twice as likely to pass in Scotland as those in London, according to analysis of driving test results by a car insurance company.

Government Driving Down Electric Avenue

THE GOVERNMENT is to lead by example by buying more than 150 electric and plug-in hybrid cars for its fleets.

Showing 1 to 20 of 7192