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Retail price £15
rabbit accessories Shortlist +3
drink & food bowls for rabbit, 3 books explain look after rabbit , nail tri... more

Retail price £5
Cat bed Shortlist +1
Traditional style Cat bed, blue tartan outside, black fleece interior, used... more

Aquarium under gravel tray and uplift tube Shortlist
29 x 11 inches Used but in good condition Cash on collection only

Small 10L plastic fish tank and equipment Shortlist +1
Small, 10L plastic fish tank, 23.5cm(H) x32.5cm(W) x22cm(D) approx. Includ... more

Low voltage halogen underwater pond light 20w Shortlist
5 changeable coloured lenses. the Light has an adjustable angle stand, whic... more

lovely good tempered cockerel Shortlist
lovely good tempered cockerel raised by us lin2016 now needs to be replace... more

Novelty Cat Mat - Oasis design. Shortlist +2
Has opening underneath for board removal to machine wash. I have put a heat... more

BNIB, Juwel Aquarium reflector . Shortlist
To mount behind the tube, to directed light back to where it is required in... more

BNIB, Interpet Breeding unit/ Hatchery Shortlist +2
BNIB, Interpet Breeding unit/ Hatchery/ Isolation unit for guppies, swords,... more

Retail price £10
11 Aquarium ornaments, Used. Shortlist +1
11 Aquarium ornaments, Used. Castle, Grecian arch (both cement type),pott... more

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