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Audi A4 Tested February 2012

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4 stars

Quick Summary

Recommended. Audi has given its A4 a bit of a mid-life makeover. Outgoing models shouldn't lose any second hand value, as the exterior changes are token. Our Audi A4 review reveals it is under the skin where the transformation is greatest.

Road Test

A few days after BMW launched details of its all-new 3 Series – any new 3 Series makes the industry sit up and take notice – Audi shared the news that its own executive favourite, the A4, is set to undergo a bit of a change to make it not only competitive, but better than ever before.

Our Audi A4 review reveals that the changes are largely under the skin, but do include a shiny new bumper and lights. Just enough, then, to make buyers of the pre-facelift car feel bad about themselves, but not so much that your average person will actually notice any change. A win-win then.
Quality remains a main focus point on the new A4. The wonderful thing about Audi's interiors is that they'll outlast your grandchildren. You can spend a day happy slapping the dash and only break the skin on your knuckles. Quality engineering leaks to the exterior as well - the shut lines are tight and the doors close with a satisfying clunk.

Inside an Audi  is always a special place to be - the A4 is beautifully designed, built and thought out, though it's not as cute or timeless as the new BMW 3 Series. The MMI system has been simplified and now features only four buttons as opposed to the eight before. It's also very easy to use.

Of the numerous engines on offer , the 138bhp 2.0TDIe is the most impressive,  as it emits so little CO2 Mother Nature may send you a thank you note if you buy one. Another highlight is the S4's 3.0-litre supercharged 333bhp V6, but that's because it's simply ridiculous. The engine that'll leave you reaching for a Kleenex is the 3.0TDI with 245bhp. It has so much torque that full application might muck things up for the boys at CERN. Steering feel, thanks to the electric power steering (which saves fuel AND CO2), is a little lacking, but its handling is rather wonderful.

Four trim levels are available: SE (basic kit but comfy), SE Technik (as before but with nav), S-Line (sporty bodykit, hard suspension, lots of toys) and  Black (lots of luxury).

The new Audi A4 is a very good car indeed; you'd be a fool not to have a look at one if you want a new executive saloon.

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