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The Best New Car Deals To Grab Before The Tax Hike

If you’re looking for a new car you’ve not got long to beat the tax rise.

As of April 1 the new rates come into play. We explained all earlier this month, but in short it means most cars are going to cost more to tax.

So, if you’re in the market, it makes sense to get your deal done by the end of March 31.

Unsurprisingly most dealers have turned this into a marketing tool and here we check out some of the tempting offers that manufacturers have on the go as they try to bag buyers ahead of the change.

Here are just some of the last-minute deals that caught our eye. For plenty more, visit our new cars for sale for more at www.exchangeandmart.co.uk/new-cars and www.s1cars.com/new-cars



Often the go-to place for those looking for a cracking new car deal, you’ll be unsurprised to know that you can have a new Corsa – specifically a Limited Edition 1.4i 75PS, for £172 a month if you can find £4,000 up front.

That car is £0 road tax in the first year and then £30 per year after that, if you buy before the close of play on March 31.

After that, it’ll be £160 for the first year and £140 a year afterwards. Those looking for something bigger might look at the Astra 1.4i at a reasonable £225 a month with £4,499 deposit.


The manufacturer of some of the UK’s best-selling cars is doing up to £6,000 off list price as well as 0% finance if you buy by the end of March. An example is the mighty ST-Line Focus, down from £23,395 to £17,395.

There’s a big initial road tax saving to be made here – buy before the end of March and it’ll cost you £180 a year, buy in April and it’ll be a hefty £500 in the first year and £140 after that.


Home of the seven-year warranty, Kia is a good place to look if you’ve not got much, or anything, by way of deposit. Do the deal by the end of March and Kia will let you drive away in a Picanto Sport at 0% APR with no deposit.

You’ll get a 7in touch screen with sat nav, Bluetooth, reversing camera and plenty more. Not bad at all.

And you’ll save a fair bit on tax if you get in quick – at the moment the Picanto costs as little as £20 a year to tax. From April it’ll be £140.


These French stable mates run similar all-in deals, which basically cover your main motoring costs for a fixed monthly fee. As far as standard finance deals go, you can bag a new C3 until the end of March for £189 a month with a £2,318 deposit.

Be quick and road tax could be free for life, depending on the engine you choose. From April it’ll be £120 to start and £140 after. A Peugeot 308 can be had for £249 a month with a £2,000 deposit.

At the moment tax costs as little as £30 a year – from April it could be, depending on engine, £160 in year one and then £140 a year.


Fancy something with a little more prestige? Audi will do you an A3 Sportback for £249 per month, with a £1,500 deposit, or an A4 Avant Sport for £309 a month with a £1,854 deposit.

At the moment tax on some Audi engines costs nothing, or maybe £20 or £30. From April you’ll be looking at least £100, probably £120 or more, in the first year and then the standard £140 a year thereafter.

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