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The 25 Year Old Mini With Only Thirteen Miles On The Clock

As Good as New: A Classic With Only Thirteen Miles on the Clock

A rare 25-year-old Mini has recently gone on sale with just thirteen miles on the clock. The vintage car, outgrown by the former owner’s son before he was old enough to use it, is one of the most immaculate examples of the thirtieth anniversary edition anywhere in the world.


A Tall Tale


A twenty-five year old, barely-used Mini has recently gone on sale. Originally bought for the previous owner’s sons, by the time they were old enough to drive it, the two boys had grown too tall to fit inside and it has lain unused ever since.


The special Mini was one of two purchased by the Cheshire-based farmer, who wanted to keep the special thirtieth anniversary edition vehicles to present to his sons when they turned twenty-one. By the time they came of age, the giant brothers were too large to squeeze into their diminutive vehicles.


Eventually, the original owner sold the unique pair to the British Mini Club, which raffled one off three years ago. The other, however, remained in storage, and is now being put on sale. It has an estimated worth of £18,000.




The immaculate Mini has barely been used


A Very Special Car


The immaculate Mini started its life as one of 3,000 limited edition vehicles produced at Longbridge in Birmingham to mark the car manufacturer’s thirtieth anniversary in 1989. Two thirds of this special batch was painted in cherry red, while the remaining 1,000 were black. The model included a range of special features, from pearlescent paint to a Mini 30 crest on the badge on the bonnet and a special Mini 30 design on the boot and flanks.


The rare find will be sold complete with its original handbook, still wrapped in its packaging. Since it rolled off the assembly line in 1989, the vehicle has never even been registered.  


The leader of the Mini Club, David Hollis, from Amblecote, near Stourbridge, said: “It’s an amazing story. Classic cars are going through the roof at the moment. We are looking for around £18,000 but it may be worth more. We are seeing Minis go for £20,000 or even £30,000. The price is constantly on the rise and we’re willing to wait to get the correct price for such an excellent car. Since 1989 it has only done 13 miles. I have driven it on and off a trailer but it has not even been registered.”


Another special car, the last Mini to leave the Longbridge factory, also sold last year. Workers had used the Mini Clubman 1275 GT to travel around the plant, but dumped it in the 1970s after it was damaged by a storage container that fell on it. After being hidden in tunnels for more than thirty years, it made £1,400.  This special thirtieth anniversary edition looks set to sell for vastly more.


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