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Historic Sports Car Club Finals Event Review

Exchange and Mart Review the Historic Sports Car Club’s Finals Meeting

Wednesday 18th October dawned wet and windy, but that didn’t stop the classics enthusiasts at the Historic Sports Car Club’s Silverstone Finals Meeting from tearing around the track, with the most experienced wet weather specialists finally claiming victory.




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The Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC)


The Historic Sports Car Club is a body specially dedicated to classic cars and the ones who love them, whether that interest is as a competitor, spectator or long-distance enthusiast.




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The HSCC acts as the primary body responsible for organising historic motor racing in Britain, with a calendar filled up with events at premier race tracks across the globe, from Donington and Silverstone to Nurburgring, Spa and Dijon.


The HSCC Silverstone Finals


The Silverstone Finals Meeting was organised by the HSCC, and took place on Wednesday 18th October. The event was a culmination of the past year’s historic racing events, marking the end of the season for the Historic Sports Car Club, and acting as the final round of 2014. 






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The events finals held at the famous Silverstone track included a number of highly contested categories: Classic Racing Cars, Historic Road Sports, Historic Formula Junior, Historic Formula Ford, Classic Formula 3, 70s Road Sports, the Guards Trophy and the Derek Bell Trophy.


Drivers’ forums were available beforehand for each event, as were minutes from previous meetings and the day’s agenda.


The day dawned wet and windy, but the drivers proved undeterred and the meeting ground was flooded with classics enthusiasts from across the country. Conditions remained mixed throughout the day, and the racing was fierce, with the club’s wet weather specialists proving to have the upper hand by day’s end.


Victors included:


·         Ian Jones, Classic Racing Cars

·         Matthew Truelove, Historic Road Sports

·         Sam Wilson, Historic Formula Junior

·         Neil Fowler, Historic Formula Ford

·         David Shaw, Classic Formula 3

·         Will Schryver, Guards Trophy

·         Neil Glover, Derek Bell Trophy

·         Charles Barter, 70s Road Sports


HSCC Finals 2015


To make sure that you don’t miss out on the action a second time, book your tickets to next year’s event, or try your hand at competing in the 2015 season. Interested parties are always encouraged to attend, and you can guarantee a warm welcome, fantastic cars and a special camaraderie that only the close-knit classics community can truly understand.  


If You’re Interested in Attending Next Year’s Event Contact:


Historic Sports Car Club Ltd,



NN12 8TN

Tel: 01327-858400


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