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Focus On Minis Do Remakes Devalue Originals

How Does The New Mini Differ From The Old?



An old classic Mini Cooper alongside a 2014 BMW MINI Cooper



Described as a “British Classic” by Prime Minister David Cameron, the Mini Cooper has undergone a revolution of late, and the 2014 model is vastly different to the original.


When it was first launched back in 1959, the mini was a revolutionary small car but now, in 2014, its appearance, handling and styling are all hugely different from the original.


In fact, the differences are so marked that the new Mini appears to be an almost entirely different car altogether and, with this in mind; does this current homage to a true British classic undermine the original?


Of course, over the course of generations, you’d expect an advance in the technology that goes into the cars we drive, but the question remains whether this technology alters the very ethos of the car that it inhabits.


Several questions have been raised about the use of such technology, with gadgets and gizmos such as iPad chargers and camera-based cruise control systems mean that this Mini is the largest ever produced. In fact, it’s not that Mini at all anymore. It is now 77cm longer than the original and 5cm taller.


The counter argument, of course, is that such a technological revolution is necessary in 21st century life. With businesses, families and young people craving more technology than ever before, many Mini enthusiasts argue that such features are necessary for the car to sell in the current climate. Especially if they want to get anywhere near the +5 million units the original sold.


The Judgement


Many argue that this is very much now just horses for courses and that the 1959 Mini and the 2014 Mini are targeted towards different people. Although both cars don the same badge and have the same name on the logbook, there are very few other similarities between the two.


With the case of the Mini in particular, it feels as though the new car is an advancement of the original model, and not simply a homage that plays on the name and, because of this, classic car owners should not be wary of it attempting to devalue the old model. There are undoubtedly some new cars out there that feel as though they are just playing on the name of the elderly models, but this, as Mini are keen to show, is a “new car for a new age”.

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