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First Ever Production Range Rover Sold At Auction

First Range Rover Sells For Over £100,000

The first ever Range Rover production car has recently sold at auction for £115,000.

The 44-year-old classic, dubbed Chassis No 1, is the first pre-production model of the car that set the benchmark for luxury 4x4s.

A Six-Figure Sale

Chassis No 1 was entered into Silverstone’s 4th September Salon Prive Auction by Peter Garside of Huddersfield.




Photo of first Range Rover




The historic Range Rover sold for £115,000, which although a significant sum, fell somewhat short of its estimated £150,000 price tag.
The nail biting auction in London saw a number of bidders compete for the one of a kind-model, driving the price upwards from £80,000 before the hammer fell on its final six figure sale price.

Mr Garside, who was not present for the auction, was slightly disappointed with the final price, describing it as “cheap as chips”.

A Labour of Love

The restoration of the car had been a labour of love for the classic Land Rover enthusiast, and he admitted to feeling a twinge of emotion as he drove it off for the final time.

Mr Garside originally discovered the vehicle in a Kent farmyard in 1986, with his then business partner Chris Greenwood.




Photo of abandoned Range Rover



“It was a wreck when I found it,” Mr Garside explained. “It had chickens living in it. Now, it’s just as good as the day it drove off the assembly line.”

Veiled by gold paint, the vehicle had been thought lost for a number of years, after its original green paintwork had been re-sprayed and the number plate changed.
The two-door, green model – registration YVB 151H – marked the beginning of Range Rover’s illustrious history.

It would take Mr Garside six years’ of ‘nut and bolt’ restoration and a return to its classic olive green before its saviour was happy with the result.

The auctioneers commended the quality of the work carried out by Mr Garside, stating that “the sympathetic and meticulous restoration has proudly stood the test of time, making 001 a hugely significant motor car worthy of serious consideration.”

However, the completed restoration project was never actually intended for sale. “I’d never thought about selling it but Silverstone Auctions contacted me after they saw it in a magazine. It sent my mind ticking and I thought, I’ve looked after it for 25 years, it’s time for somebody else to have a chance.

“It’s been a labour of love and when it came to driving it down there I was a bit weepy.”

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