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Why Autumn Is A Good Time To Buy A Classic Car

So, you’ve spent another summer watching on with envy as classic car owners take a spin in their pride and joys, making the most of dry weather and hours of sunshine.

You’ve been to some shows, perhaps even made a shortlist of your dream cars in your head and maybe scoured the ‘for sale’ pages. And you want a piece of the action – so here’s why we think that autumn is a good time to buy a classic car.

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Summer is over

For any classic car owner who’s thinking of selling but isn’t quite sure, it’s all too tempting to get to April or May and say ‘just one more summer’.

So, for those that have done just that, they will now be thinking about putting their classic on the market. If the definition of a classic is that they are at least 20 or 30 years old, most don’t cope too well with winter use – or, at best, take a lot of effort to run smoothly in the colder months of the year.

That means that it’ll be time to cash in for some owners, either because they need the money for something else, like Christmas, or they’re thinking of changing their classic in time for next year.

Classics can get cheaper at this time of year

Would-be sellers will think seriously about selling now and there are a few key reasons for this. Quite a few owners will be facing winter storage fees, for example. With many people owning two cars – a classic and a modern motor – often there’s not enough space at home to snugly garage the classic over the winter.

If they don’t want to pay for storage, they’re more likely to negotiate or ask for less in the first place in a bid to make a sale and make their life a bit easier. Likewise, if a car needs some work, or a new MOT, owners might decide to move the car on rather than spending the money themselves.

And, if a car does need work, some owners might have simply run out of patience.

You’ll have all winter to bring it up to speed

Perhaps one of the best things about buying in the autumn is that you’ve got months to make your new classic car shine in time for the spring and summer.

So the winter months can be spent carrying out any work that needs doing, replacing worn parts, getting a new MOT, tarting-up the bodywork and so on. You’ll be able to do all of this without worrying that you’re missing out on precious days out in your newly acquired beauty.

But it’ll depend on the type of car

There is one word of caution, all of this will depend on what sort of car you’re looking for. Soft-tops, like an MGB, Triumph Spitfire or a classic Alfa Spider, for example, are sure to be cheaper in the autumn and winter, as the last thing many people are thinking about at this time of year is open-air motoring.

But it might not apply so much to hard-tops like the Jaguar E-Type, or classic ‘standard’ cars like the Ford Cortina or a BMW 3 Series. That said, it’s all about fashion and timing – and for many classic cars are a summer thing, regardless.


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