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Whats New Five Of The Best Incar Tech

Manufacturers are continually pushing the boundaries by introducing innovative in-car technology.

It can only be a matter of time before we have the flying saloons predicted way back in Back to the Future.

Until then, the good news is there are ways to bring cool gadgets and gizmos to your existing pride and joy – and, of course, aspire to owning dream machines such as the FF 91 unveiled below.

1. StopSleep

This is a fatigue detection device you can attach to your fingers before driving. Using vibration, sound and light, it will warn you if you show any signs of tiredness that could cause an accident. This allows you to pull over into a safe area, rest and rejuvenate. You can also use it to stay focussed during one of Granny Ina’s ‘I remember when’ stories.

2. TriboTex Vehicle Enhancing Nanoparticles

Seriously, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. TriboTex has drawn on NASA technology to create a liquid that improves a car’s efficiency, power and fuel consumption, without having to replace any parts. The nanoparticles are injected into the oil tank, decreasing engine noise, while forming a coating on bearings and cylinders that reduces friction ten times better than oil alone. Black magic!

3. Reshow Travel Cassette

At s1cars and Exchange and Mart you know we love classics ( but, unless you like listening to Sounds of the Sixites on a constant loop, a vintage car with an antiquated tape deck offers limited in-car entertainment. That’s where the Reshow Travel Cassette comes in, allowing you to keep your original player but connect to any 3.5mm headphone jack and listen to digital music. Classic motoring the way it was meant to be – accompanied by your favourite Little Mix songs!

4. RAC 05 Dash Cam

Handy for insurance claims and catching close encounters with aliens, dashboard cameras have become must-have accessories. The new generation comes with built-in GPS resolutions extending beyond Full HD and extra safety features, such as detecting whether you’re straying out of your lane or about to hit the car in front. We love the RAC 05, as it comes with Speed Camera Alert, built-in GPS, a G-sensor to automatically detect and record collisions, and a 150-degree field of view.

5. Faraday Future FF 91

Last but not least, Faraday Future have produced an all-electric car that can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 2.39 seconds. That’s faster than a Scalextric set! It will also feature “driverless valet”, where you can leave the car and order it to park itself. The FF 91 will unlock by recognising your face and learn things about your driving style and adapt to these. It’s available to pre-order for a deposit of £4,000.

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