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Turn Heads With Our Most Eyecatching Cars

When we think of fashion and trends it’s hard not to think of cars, because what makes more of a statement about our style than our choice of car? A lot of our buying decisions are based not only practicality but on how it looks – colour, shape and style.

Choosing a car can be difficult, especially with the choice on offer. So, if fashion and style are your thing, we’ve picked out the most eye-catching cars we have, based on some popular trends hitting the runway, or road.

A pop of colour

The colour of your car can be really important, it can turn something ordinary into something spectacular.

Have a look at this bold pink Fiat 500 from one of our dealers in Leicestershire. Fiat 500 are continuing to be a popular choice and are regularly seen in a variety of eye-catching colours. This pink shade will certainly ensure you stand out from the rest. It’s an ideal first car and has been kept in great condition, with only one previous owner and is less than £6,000!

Pink not your thing? How about a nice neon green? Under that bright paint job is a powerful 3.0 litre diesel engine, so not only looks good but will sound great. You’ll certainly get noticed around town! This Automatic BMW 3 Series has only 30 miles on the clock and is based at one of our dealers in Glasgow. No doubt a popular deal already, so contact the dealer today.

Bold patterns

Although the kind of patterns hitting the runway recently have been a bit more floral and feminine, we couldn’t resist showing off this truly unique car. As car makes go, Lamborghini is pretty eye-catching already but with this camouflage wrap you’ll definitely turn heads. Complete with leather interior, scissor doors and carbon fibre accents, the £289,990 price tag is totally justifiable.


At Exchange and Mart, we’re known for being experts in classic and vintage cars, so we had plenty to choose from for this trend.

As the oldest car on our site, the Overland 79TE is the definition of vintage. For being over 100 years old, it’s in pretty good condition and is looking for a loving new owner. A perfect collector’s item.

What’s more fashion than the Ford Model A? This stunning hot rod is available for just under £25,000 and has been restored to pristine condition. It comes with its original steel body and leather interior, plus it drives like a dream! Why not bring a little Hollywood in to your life?


We all know fashion can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, so we’re going from the oldest car on our site to the most expensive!

For a cool £1.5 million, you can drive away with this 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach from one of our dealers based in Leeds. It really must be seen and driven to be truly appreciated, perfect for an avid petrol head.

 Hunting for your dream car? Maybe one of these has caught your eye. Why not use our new shortlist feature to create a dream car wishlist?

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