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Ian And A Jaguar Lead Image

The Rebirth of a Legend: The Jaguar MK2 Re-Imagined

Jaguar’s Design director now owns his own MK2. But, it’s not how you might think. Here Exchange and Mart see how he’s brought it into the 21st century

50Th Anniversary Rally Lead Image

Celebrating Success: The Gordon-Keeble 50th Anniversary

One of the greatest cars ever produced in the UK, the Gordon-Keeble has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Exchange and Mart look at its best bits

Mitsubishi 3000Gt

Mitsubishi Celebrates its 40th Year in the UK Market

This year Mitsubishi celebrates its 40th year in the UK market. Here, Exchange and mart look at their greatest ever cars.

Jaguar E Type Lead Image

32% of Brits Claim the Jaguar E-Type is the Best Car of All Time

A survey shows that 32% of Brits think that the Jaguar E Type is the greatest car of all time, but what else made the cut? Click here to find out

Mazda Rx 2

What Makes a Commonplace Car a Rarity?

Some cars built in mass sadly fall away over time. But why is this, and what cars were popular but are now rare? Exchange and Mart find out

1963 Jaguar Etype

Cars Behind the 60s Counterculture

Famous for the hippy movement and the counterculture that opposed the fifties, the sixties were also a great decade for motors. Check out the best here

Lamborghini Countach Lp 400

Classic Cars From The Seventies

Everyone has a favourite classic car, and each decade has its own defining vehicles. Here Exchange and Mart look at the finest on offer from the 70s.

1960 Cabriolet

A Classic in Focus: A History of the Volkswagen Beetle

Created by Adolph Hitler, the Beetle is one of the world’s finest cars and its popularity is enduring. Here Exchange and Mart look at why

Monte Carlo Classic Rally

The Thrill of Classic Car Rallying

Classic car rallying is a subject that divides the classic car community. Here, Exchange and Mart look at why some people love the thrill.

The Complete History Of The Mustang

A Classic in Focus: The Complete History of the Mustang

Find out about the history of the classic Mustang car breed. Celebrating from the early years to the latest models from Exchange and Mart. Click here to read more.

Porsche Boxster

Things to look out for in the world of classic cars in 2016

2016 The world of Classic Cars and what to look out for

Classic Cars Info 450X338

The Very Best British Classic Cars

The Austin Mini, the Aston Martin DB5, the E Type Jag - what's your favourite classic car made in Britain? We look at five of the very best.

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