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On The Up Classics To Consider Investing In Soon

In our last blog we offered up some tips on investing in classic cars, with values on the rise the market is once again seen as a good place to make money.

In our last blog we offered up some tips on investing in classic cars, with values on the rise the market is once again seen as a good place to make money. So it seemed logical to follow that up with some ideas for cars to look out for.

These are the classics that will hopefully be seeing their values go in only one direction – up. These are just suggestions – always do your homework and seek your own advice – and for our full selection of classics for sale visit our sales page.

Citroen XM

At first glance the decidedly 1990s Citroen XM might not be your first thought for a classic.

But think a moment about the heritage – cars like the DS, for one – and all of a sudden you can see why you might have a car that’s going to appreciate in value on your hands. Built between 1989 and 2000, the XM was the personification of Citroen and, indeed, of French cars.

More than 330,000 were sold and the car was distinctive not only for its angular Bertone design but, most memorably, for its hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension, which saw the car’s back end rise majestically when the engine was started up.

Aside from the slight visual gimmick, the idea was to give a smooth ride and better handling. As ever, Citroen’s innovation was ahead of its time and there were some reliability issues in early cars. But these days the XM is starting to look worthy of joining other classic Citroens. At the minute you can still bag one for less than a grand.

Ford Capri

You’d better be quick with the Ford Capri – really good ones are already going for circa £50,000. Built from 1969 to 1986, there were many versions of the Capri and it sold nearly two million over its life. Over the years engines varied from a little 1.3 to a mighty 5.0 V8, although the most memorable is probably the V6.

Peugeot 205

No real surprises with this one – a car that most could afford that has become a sought-after classic, especially in the excellent GTI trim. Produced from 1983 to 1998, it was credited with reinvigorating Peugeot, which had gained a bit of a reputation for dull saloons.

Engine-wise it had plenty of choice, from a little 1.0 to the mighty 1.9 found in the GTI. It was small, agile and fun. Coming from an era of not-brilliant build quality, good 205s are becoming harder to find, so now is a good time to jump on board.

Standard cars can be found for less than £1,000, while the GTI, of which there were also several limited editions, is going for £4,000-plus, although minters can already be seen on sale for £20,000 or even more.

Aston Martin DB7

Perhaps not the prettiest Aston ever made, the Ian Callum-designed DB7 was no less a good Grand Tourer, made between 1994 and 2004 as a coupe and a convertible. There were several versions, the standard six-cylinder, meatier V8 Virage and the tasty 5.9L V12.

Before it was replaced by the DB9, the DB7 was the most-produced Aston Martin model ever, with more than 7,000 rolling off the production line by the end of its life. And it’s looking like a good investment now, with a little over £20,000 enough to get hold of one.

Jaguar XJS

It’s odd to think that the XJS isn’t the most prominent of Jaguars, given its bloodline. It was built between 1976 and 1996 and replaced the legendary E-Type.

The XJS didn’t have the same sporting prowess as the E-Type, it was certainly more of a Grand Tourer, but it was nonetheless a decent one, actually being more aerodynamic. It sold more than 115,000 before it was replaced by another revered Jaguar, the XK8.

With the option of a 6.0L V12, it certainly didn’t lack grunt. Looking at it today, it’s fair to say it has a classy gentlemen’s sport coupe image about it. Right now, you can pick one up for as little as £3,000 – although mint convertibles can be 10 times that.

If it becomes as sought-after as its forebear, that looks like a very good investment indeed.

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