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Classic Car Maintenance Jobs That Can Be Done At Home

Ways You Can Maintain Your Car At Home



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Due to its age, it is highly likely that your car will need some much needed tender loving care over the course of your ownership. A labour of love, classic car ownership is not for the faint hearted, and you have to be seriously committed to the upkeep that ownership takes. Here we look at some simple maintenance steps that you can take at home, even if you have limited mechanical knowledge:



Clean Everything Meticulously

Cleaning a car goes well beyond quickly washing and waxing its exterior. Sadly, most people do not clean their car thoroughly enough and mechanical problems caused by rust can occur as a direct result of this negligence. However, having said that, it isn’t just the mechanics you need to consider when you’re cleaning your car and you also need to think about the interior and what’s under the bonnet. The longer that you spend cleaning your car, the longer that you effectively spend inspecting it and finding issues that you can resolve cheaply and effectively, without the need for a costly mechanic.


Scrubbing Up the Insides



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You may love the way that your car looks on the outside, but don’t forget that you’ll spend the majority of your time inside it. Due to this, you need to focus on the area where you’ll be spending most of your time. Small scale, simple changes can make the world of difference, and even a cheap new trim can vastly improve the interior if it is fitted well.



As well as this, take care of and pay great attention to the details and the electronics in the car. The dashboard in particular will suffer from wear and tear over a lengthy period of time and, as a result, it could hinder your ability to drive properly. If the dashboard pad is faded, consider repainting or dyeing it. After all, you're going to spend a lot of time staring at it. 

Finally here, consider the seat fabrics as well as any mats or flooring fabrics. As you get in and out of the car constantly, the fabric or leather will rip and strain, eroding slowly over time. As well as this, as time goes on, the foam inside the seats will breakup, making it much more uncomfortable to drive. If this is the case, then it may be wise to look for spare parts, as even used seats with half the mileage of yours will make the car feel like new.


Seal, Waterproof and Safeguard

On a rainy day, your car is a safe haven that protects you from the horrors of the outside world. However, over time and with stresses and strains, the seal that surrounds your doors will erode and tear. In the short term, this will only cause limited problems and you may only notice a little bit of wind when you drive. But, as time passes by, these gaps will only grow, and rain will soon start to get in.


The rubber strips that you need for this task are incredibly cheap but, admittedly, the task of replacing them is time consuming and somewhat frustrating. It is, however, well worth it in the long run and while you’re replacing them you should also seriously consider buying new windscreen wiper rubbers. These should help you drive your classic in the rainy season with ease.


Repair Damaged Paintwork

When it comes to making your classic look as beautiful as the day that it first left the production line, touch-up paint is your best friend. Scratches, scrapes and chips are all commonplace each and no matter where you drive, they’re likely to occur. 


Having said that, there’s no use getting the touch-up paint out each and every time that you come home, as your paintwork will become uneven and patchy (especially if you do not have an exact colour match). For this reason, be sparing and only use it when a scratch is noticeable. As a general rule of thumb, it is never as bad as it looks anyway.


Wheels and Tyres

Getting a higher level of performance from your tyres can simply stem from making sure that they’re correctly inflated. This may sound simple, but it is something many classic car owners forget, and their vehicles suffer as a result.


Everything that your car does, it does through its tyres and, as a result, your car’s tyres are central to its success, improving the handling, stopping distance and performance. Tyre maintenance is simple and, as was referenced in the cleaning section, constantly monitoring their tread and checking for punctures is the best way to prevent any accidents.


So, there we have it, simple ways that you can maintain your classic at home; all without the need for an expensive mechanic. 


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