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A Sound Investment 5 Of The Most Reliable Classic Cars

What are the World’s Most Reliable Classic Cars?

Here at Exchange and Mart, we want to prove that classics are the perfect cars for all situations. So we’ve come up with a handy list of some of the most reliable classics still tearing around the roads today.


Easy to fix and with a proven history of reliability, these models would put the newer cars that dominate Britain’s roadways to shame. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to enjoy our countdown of the most reliable classics around.  


Riley Two-Point-Five


You have to go quite far back into the annals of motoring history to find the Riley Two-Point Five but its reliability record would put most contemporary vehicles to shame.





In a recent survey of 104 Two-Point-Fives, only 6 vehicles failed their MOT, giving them a pass rate of a whopping 94.2%!


An expensive and luxurious car in its heyday, the Riley boasted only the very best manufacturing, brilliant enough, it seems, to truly stand the test of time.


Austin Seven


Turning once more to the long lost past, we find the Austin Seven. In a test of 1,031 examples, a mere 71 cars failed their MOT, for an overall failure rate of just 6.9%.





Hailing from the pre-war era, the Austin Seven was a motoring institution in the UK, contributing a great deal to brining car ownership to a new generation of middle-class owners.


Thanks in large part to their steadfast reliability, the model remained a common sight on Britain’s highways until the early 1970s. 


Volkswagen Golf GTI


The sheer number of older Golf GTIs still on the road is proof in itself that the Volkswagen is still a great choice for daily driving, irrespective of its age.





Vintage models boast a burst of speed to rival many contemporary vehicles, still handle deliciously, and have timeless good looks and a build quality rugged enough to rival anything.


Mercedes-Benz 300CE


It’s easy to understand why the Mercedes-Benz 300CE is so close to the hearts of many classic enthusiasts. The 300CE might be far from the best all-rounder in its range but its ample performance, combined with its trump cards of great build quality (excepting its rusty wings) and oodles of road presence make it a joy to own.





Of course, its exquisite styling and beautiful design help too, combining to make it a truly appealing modern classic. And, if it ever does let you down on the reliability front (highly unlikely!), there are plentiful specialists and an abundance of second hand parts to get you back on the road in no time.


Volvo 240 Estate


Admittedly, the 240 falls far short of the finish line when it comes to good looks, resembling something akin to a snowplough.





The drive, too, is less than impressive – adequate, but undeniably perfunctory rather than luxurious. And yet, there can be no argument as to the Volvo’s claim to being a timeless classic, and one that can still be used even on Britain’s busiest roads at that.


Roomy, especially in the back, strong and safe, it remains one of the greatest family cars of all time, and we all know that every good family car has to be reliable enough never to derail the school run.


Reliable, dependable and sensible, the 240 is also surprisingly economical on a run and possesses an unexpected turn of speed. Those who own these cars tend to adore them – and with good reason.


If the list were down to you to compile, which classics would make the cut?


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