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32 Of Brits Claim The Jaguar Etype Is The Best Car Of All Time

Eight Out of Top 10 Cars Are British

The Jaguar E-Type is a truly iconic car, so it should come as no surprise that it was recently voted the greatest car of all time by 32 per cent of Brits. Eight British cars in total lay claim to the hearts of the country’s public – plus a place in the top ten of the list. So which motors are the best according to Brits?


The Jaguar E-Type: The Best Car of All Time


As much art as automobile, the E-Type was famously lauded as the most beautiful car ever made by the legendary Enzo Ferrari himself.




Jaguar E-Type


Made up of long, flowing, masterful body lines, the Jaguar’s curves were not only beautiful to look at but significantly contributed to its singularly impressive performance. Powered by an S-spec 3.8 litre inline 6-cylinder engine, the car featured an ingeniously designed chassis and independent rear suspension.


An enduring symbol of the sixties, the Jaguar E-Types is as alluringly lovely to enthusiasts today as it ever was to a contemporary audience, so its place at the pinnacle of classic car culture is hardly surprising.


The Runners Up


To claim its place at the top of the poll, the Jaguar roared past both the Mini and the Porsche 911, as well as a number of other iconic vehicles.




Mini Cooper MK1




Porsche 911


The research, conducted by Discovery Channel’s Wheeler Dealers to mark its new season, provided the survey’s 2,000 participants with a list of 100 classic cars to choose from, all legendary enough to make any enthusiast’s mouth begin to water.


Despite the wide array of choice, the E-Type still managed to garner 32 per cent of votes. Its closest rivals also managed to fare admirably well. Runner-up the Mini was the car of choice for 1 in 5 of those asked, whilst 18 per cent would give anything to own a Porsche 911. The third place car was one of only two non-British cars in the top ten, the other being the VW Beetle.




VW Beetle 


Aston Martin also delivered on the day, with four of their cars making the cut for Wheeler Dealer’s top ten. The DB5, DB9, V8 Vanquish and the Vanquish were all popular choices, suggesting that Aston Martin is one of the most iconic and widely appreciated car manufacturers ever, a suggestion supported by its glorious history.






Aston Martin DB5


The highest ranking Italian car was the Ferrari F40, earning a respectable 11th.




Ferrari F40


French cars performed poorly overall. Despite having four models included in the 100-strong list, the highest ranking vehicle was the Renault 5 Clio Williams, which peaked in 58th placed, followed by the Peugeot 205 GTi, which was ranked 63rd.




Peugeot 205 GTi


According to Brewer, the abundance of high-ranking British cars in the list is testament to the quality of domestic manufacturing over the years. “This underlines the incredible heritage of British car manufacturing, where originality, style and performance have been the hallmarks of many of our greatest cars.”


Let us hope that this is a trend that continues well into the future.  


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