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Volvo V60 Review

Volvo V60 Tested February 2016

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Quick Summary

Average. A versatile, capable, well-equipped and hi-tech motor – but we’re not sure it does enough to beat its somewhat stiff competition.

Road Test

Volvo has always been something of an innovator and the V60 is packed with lots of kit to make your life easier.

The Cross Country version is probably the most complete of the V60 range.

And, for 2016, it gets a new diesel engine that makes it rather light on the pocket as well.

The 2.0-litre D3 turns the V60 into a fairly-average-figures sort of a car into a really-surprisingly-low figures sort of a car.

It’s one of those impressive all-rounders, with 150hp still a good amount of power, while CO2 will rival superminis at 111g/km.

Most impressive, though, is the 67mpg on paper. 

While, over several hundred miles of driving on roads ranging from country lanes to the motorway haul, we didn’t match that, a real-world average of 45 to the gallon is good going for a car of this size.

Hooked up to the manual gearbox, the new D3 engine is a peach.

It has lots of smooth pull, never leaves you wanting and is quiet on the cruise.

The gearbox is a gem, making driving the V60 a genuine pleasure.

For those valuing power over efficiency, the good news is there are still good choices – the T5 petrols have 245 and 254hp respectively and the D4 ups the ante on the oil burners to 190hp, while still, on paper at least, matching the D3’s efficiency figures.

The Cross Country is built for a rural life, with height clearance 65mm taller than the standard V60 and a more rugged build.

But that doesn’t mean that things are anything other than fine and dandy on the inside, with cars like the Audi A4 Avant, BMW 3 Series Touring and Mercedes C-Class firmly in its sights, the V60’s interior is well-appointed, if maybe not quite up to the Germans’ super-high standards.

But it is well up there on the tech front – the adaptive cruise control is excellent, the car will nudge you back into line if you stray outside your lane, pedestrian and cyclist detection and one of the most useful things ever, high-beam lights that automatically dip.

All-wheel-drive versions get off-roading bells and buttons like hill descent control and settings for different terrain. 

The car is connected to the outside world, with cloud-based services on the neat touch screen that include music streaming, paying for parking and much more. And you can hook-up via a phone app as well.

There’s practicality in spades, of course, with the rear seats being able to be folded down in 40/20/40 segments to supplement the standard 430 litres of load space.

There’s little that the V60 Cross Country can’t do or doesn’t have, but then we get to the rub.

In isolation it’s a great car. But, when compared to the competition, we’re not sure it does quite enough to take your cash away from the Germans.

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