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Volkswagen Polo Review

Volkswagen Polo Tested July 2014

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Quick Summary

VW quality shines through in its timeless Polo once more. Well-built, great engines and still good value.

Road Test

There are reasons why names like the VW Polo stick around for decades. It’s because each generation is so good.

And the new Polo is no exception.

It might not look a lot different, but it has been redesigned and mirrors the latest Golf. There are new bumpers, for example, and the whole look is sleeker than before, much like its bigger brother.

All-round quality is excellent, as you’d expect from Volkswagen.

Inside it is top notch and the new Polo gets VW’s latest touchscreen infotainment system, which has some nice little aspects to it, for example colour radio station logos.

Legroom in the back is decent for a small hatchback, but even more impressive is the boot space. It is deep and spacious and bigger than you would think.

Every spec gets a decent amount of kit – automatic post-collision braking, Bluetooth, electric windows, air con, hill hold, DAB radio and so on.

A good series of engines is available, including a saintly 1.4 TDI, which has a claimed combined mpg of 83 and puts out just 83g/km of CO2.

We drove the 1.2 TSI, which is an impressive all-rounder.

It’s got 90ps and is nice and lively.

On our tester it was married to the DSG gearbox, which has to be one of the smoothest, most seamless automatics on the market. As autos go, it’s superb.

The 1.2 petrol manages 60mpg combined and 109g/km, so is still clean and efficient.

VW has pulled off another quality car here and, with prices beginning at £11,100, it’s more affordable than you might think.

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