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Skoda Superb Tested June 2015

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4 stars

Quick Summary

Recommended. A value limo if ever there was one. Hugely spacious with a touch of luxury.

Road Test

If there was ever such a thing as a value limousine, this is it.

Skoda’s flagship doesn’t get the same attention as other models in the range like the Fabia or the Octavia, but it’s an absolute gem.

If you like the Octavia but just need more room for both passengers and luggage, the Superb is just the ticket.

The rear legroom epitomises the feeling of space in this car – it’s incredible. You really can stretch out, even if you’re a burly six-footer.

The rear accommodation is luxurious, with that comfort added to by bells and buttons such as your own climate control switches and that ingenious umbrella storage inside the back doors.

There are many versions of the Superb to meet all needs, including an estate for a truly cavernous boot.

It’s a nice smooth drive, with great power delivery from the bigger petrol and diesel engines, and the DSG auto gearbox from parent company Volkswagen is excellent.

The diesels come highly recommended; they just suit the car so well, with power from 105ps to 170ps.

Petrolheads won’t be disappointed, with a 3.6-litre V6 available, while the other petrols are mostly lively and achieve mpg in the 40s – the diesel, however, manage into the 60s.

They also do best on CO2, with the Greenline eco model in particular making for extra-low road tax.

It’s a package that has it all really; performance as long as you choose the right engine, economy, masses of practicality, great quality inside and out and plenty for your money.

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