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Skoda Superb Review

Skoda Superb Tested December 2015

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Quick Summary

Recommended. A new pinnacle for Skoda – quality, huge space, tech and efficiency all rolled into one.

Road Test

Two decades ago it would have been inconceivable that butt-of-the-joke Skoda would produce a car as good as the new Superb.

The brand was a laughing stock. And then up stepped Volkswagen.

Thanks to the German giant, Skoda is anything but a laughing stock now. There can be few that have turned around their image in quite the way that Skoda has.

And, simply, the new Superb is the best car it’s ever made.

We’ll start inside for this one, as the flagship of the range is all about comfortable travel.

The Superb has it in spades, with the now-renowned acres of rear legroom still there, meaning that even the tallest basketball player could enjoy a long trip in the back of this car and get out refreshed at their destination.

Cabin quality is excellent, with materials and the general feel now up there with parent company VW. It seems like Wolfsburg has let Mlada Boleslav play with the nice bits at last.

That goes for the touch screen infotainment system as well, which is VW’s current top-end system, with hi-res graphics, excellent sat nav and some other very good new features, in particular Apple CarPlay, which makes pairing an iPhone simpler than ever.

As you would imagine, there’s lots of load space, especially on the estate version, and you get lots of kit.

All cars get alloys, air con, 12v sockets, electric windows and door mirrors, many safety features, Bluetooth, digital radio, a touch screen, stop-start and auto-braking.

An enviable list and clearly an indication that Skoda remains a value-packed brand – you won’t get all of that included on a Golf or Passat.

Power comes from two diesels – a 120ps 1.6 and a 2.0 with either 150 or 190ps – as well as a 1.4 petrol – probably best avoided in a car of this size – and a 2.0 petrol.

The excellent VW diesels seems to make the most sense here in any event, with CO2 getting as low as 95g/km and mpg as frugal as 70.

The top-end diesel is very good, with bags of smooth power and plenty in the locker for when you need it.

It’s a nice drive, with excellent handling for such a big car. There’s no wallow, it’s spot on and sharp.

All very good, then, as long as you keep an eye on one thing: the price.

You can spend as much as £35,000. That’s a lot for a Skoda, even if it is a very good one.

However, fear not. Base spec, which is £17k less, has lots going for it.

Choose wisely and you’ve got a fantastic big car.

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